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Tower of Fantasy Release Date

From low-profile announcement to potential hit, Tower of Fantasy is a game to keep on your radar. It is the work of Hotta Studio, a subsidiary of Perfect World, and brings tons of features that any MMO fan would expect: open world, motion capture, high degree of freedom, real-time combat, and classless character system. Developed with Unreal Engine 4, Tower of Fantasy (also known as Phantom Tower) goes for a sci-fi approach with anime styling , and even features a pet that will surely be identified as the poster child… creature of the game. It is a little bear named Tata that will follow you around – does it ring a bell, Genshin Impact fans? But what about the Tower of Fantasy release date, what do we know so far about it?

Tower of Fantasy Release Date Guide

Tower of Fantasy release date guide

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When the Tower of Fantasy reveal dropped like a bomb in June 2020, players listened. Comparisons to Genshin Impact were aplenty and justified, from the open world to the anime aesthetic. However, Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG, something that miHoYo's blockbuster isn't.

Since it is under development by a Chinese studio, this story-centric game is going to release in domestic territories first. But before that it underwent significant improvements based on player feedback from the first beta test, which ran during October 2020. The changes to character design, environment, and combat were visible and even boasted by the developers, and the second beta, once again very restricted, is scheduled for April 15, 2021.

In November 2021, Perfect World announced the Tower of Fantasy release date for China: December 16, 2021. This gave global players hope for a western release during 2022.

So here is what we know for a fact right now about the Tower of Fantasy release date, starting with the China betas.


  • Tower of Fantasy first closed beta date (China): October 29 – November 1, 2020
  • Tower of Fantasy release date (China): December 16, 2021
  • Tower of Fantasy Global closed beta: April 19, 2022
  • Tower of Fantasy Global release date: August 10, 2022

This game had too much potential for Perfect World to pass on a global release, and developer Hotta Studio managed to draw inspiration and positive comparisons to Genshin Impact, so understandably there's a crowd that is eager to play this “Genshin Impact MMORPG”. Perfect World did transfer the global publishing rights to Level Infinite, a company under the wings of Tencent.

We'll update this guide when we have more info to share. In the meantime, check other guides for this game below.

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