Marvel Realm of Champions Heroes and Houses List

Marvel Realm of Champions Heroes Guide

Marvel Realm of Champions is the new game from Kabam, makers of Marvel Contest of Champions. An arena brawler with MOBA mechanics, it is inspired by the Secret Wars event where each House is ruled by a Baron and enter a conflict for the available resources. While you can control some heroes such as Hulk, Storm, and Black Panther, some Houses will enable you to play as a variant of the clan. This gimmick allows you to further customize the heroes with different sets of gear and weapons, catering for varied playstyles and roles. Below you can find the Marvel Realm of Champions heroes list, divided by Houses, along with rumored or confirmed upcoming Champions.

Marvel Realm of Champions Playable Heroes and Houses

Marvel Realm of Champions Heroes Iron Man

The list of Marvel Realm of Champions Houses and heroes below will steadily grow during 2021, as Kabam releases new updates. At launch, there are seven heroes to choose from, although some need to be unlocked before you can try them.

House Patriot Garrison | Baroness President Peggy Carter

  • Captain America (TBC) 

House of Iron | Baron Stark Prime

  • Iron Legionnaire

House Spider-Guild | Baron Madame Web

  • Web Warrior

House Kingdom of Wakanda | Baroness Queen Shuri

  • Black Panther

House Temple of Vishanti | Baron The Ancient One

  • Sorcerer Supreme

House Gamma Horde | Baron Skaar

  • Hulk

House Pyramid X | Baron Apocalypse

  • Storm

House Asgardian Republic | Baron War Thor

  • TBA

Upcoming Marvel Realm of Champions Heroes and Houses

Below you can find upcoming Champions and/or Houses. Some of these may have been spotted in trailers or confirmed by other official means such as developer interviews. Others can be rumors that may have some truth to them, and so we decided to include them here.

Confirmed Upcoming Champions or Houses

  • Deadpool Supreme
  • Logan (Clan of Wolverine)
  • Groot
  • Vision Prime


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