Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Request Guide | Quest Solutions

Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Request Guide Quest Solutions

Requests in Mir 4 are these special missions where you may have to use your skills and wit to finish the quests. They are divided into regions and may be very short or fairly long, the latter being those cases where you are tasked with eliminating hundreds of enemies. Very few request missions can be left to autoplay, mostly those about fighting, so most of the time you'll do some roaming and scouting to succeed. We have assembled this Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Request guide to take you through most of the mission requests without trouble.

Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Request Missions Guide

Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Request Missions Guide

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All mission requests start with you talking to an NPC. You just press the button Move to go to him/her and after the conversation the request is triggered. You can then click on the mission from your quest list to go to the location, in those situations where that is allowed. Otherwise, you must manually open the map and go to the map where the request is taking place.

Don't forget to click the Clue button next to the request to learn what is expected from you. Sometimes a request has requirements such as clearing a certain mission from the main story, or even finishing a previous request, so if you find a grayed-out request that's because you must complete some requirement first.

And now let's start with the Mir 4 Bicheon Castle Request guide and solutions.

Tired of Rumors
Find the Splendid Statue

Your job is to find this splendid statue in Bicheon Castle Backstreet. It can be found near the stables and there's a nice interrogation mark placed in the map to help you out. If you moved automatically, you can examine the signpost to show you the right place – just check the horses and you'll see a ladder, the Splendid Statue is on the roof. Jump and grab it to finish this request.

I Want to Be Stronger
Find Master's Statue

I Want to Be Stronger request guide

For this Request you must journey into Nefariox Necropolis 1F. However, there's nothing showing you where this statue is, so you must search for yourself. Thankfully, it's hard to miss it, so just keep going through the caves until you find this orange sign that marks the statue – see the image above for help. Pick it up and you're done.

Egglike Plant
Find the Mysterious Plant

Off to Nefariox Necropolis 1F we go to find this plant. And where could it be? Just keep following the path to the right and the eggplant is in the large room right before the Tomb Keepers marked in the map by a red circle. Pick it up by jumping on the tree stump and gathering it.

Holy Land
Find the Divine Statue

This quest is set in Bicheon Town, so travel there. The description will say “can be found near the peak where Boss Han stands. Examine the signpost for clues about traces to reach the statue.

It's actually quite simple. From the signpost you just have to turn around and you'll see a couple of rock pillars, with the Divine Statue standing on top of the smaller one, with an orange glow marking its location. The interrogation mark makes this even easier to find. Double jump to the top of the rock and grab it to complete the quest.

Clandestine Investigation 1
Collect Iron Squad's Mark (180)

This is a simple battle quest where you must move to Bicheon Castle Backstreet and fight the enemies until you collect 180 marks.

Clandestine Investigation 2
Collect Bronze Squad's Mark (180)

The same as above and still in Bicheon Castle Backstreet, but this time collecting other kind of marks.

Clandestine Investigation 3
Collect Silver Squad's Mark (180)

Still the same goal of defeating 180 enemies in Bicheon Castle Backstreet, but things are getting a bit more difficult now.

Clandestine Investigation 4
Collect Gold Squad's Mark (180)

The last quest of this chain with the same goal of defeating 180 enemies in Bicheon Castle Backstreet, but this time it's gold – completing this request will unlock the Myriad Needle Overambitious Father mystery quest.

Clandestine Investigation 5
Punish the Wanted (240)

Mir 4 Honor Guard Members

Move to Bicheon Castle Backstreet [Elite] through the red portal and eliminate 240 Honor Guard Members – check the image above to know where they are in the map.

We'll add more Mir 4 request guides as we complete the quests, with more regions to come.

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