Mir 4 Poisoned Attraction Request Guide | Ginkgo Valley Quest

Mir 4 Poisoned Attraction Request Guide

Most request missions in Mir 4 have some sort of auto-move or clues to help you out, but that's not always the case. One of the first request adventures that you find in Ginkgo Valley will require you to explore the region until you find the NPC that triggers the quest. To save you from losing precious time instead of adventuring we have put together this short walkthrough pointing you in the right direction. Keep reading to find our Mir 4 Poisoned Attraction Request guide and complete this quest.

Mir 4 Poisoned Attraction Request Guide

Mir 4 Poisoned Attraction Request Guide

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From the Ginkgo Valley Requests list, this request is called Poisoned Attraction and tells you to procure yellow fever herb. Sadly, there's no auto-move, so you must rely on the clue to trigger this request. This tells you to find Gijeon, the requestor of Ginkgo Valley, but where is he?

If you check the image above or open the mini-map, you'll see a little scroll on the top left area of the map. Go there, look up and do a little double jump to the place where Gijeon is, the hovering question mark should be a good telling.

Accept the request and your first step is to move to Hidden Cliff Path, once again without any sort of auto-move. Go down to normal ground and then open your global map and find the location by following this chain: Global Map > Bicheon Area > Nefariox Ruins. Then tap on any place on Hidden Cliff Path and the character will auto-move there.

When you finally reach Hidden Cliff Path, the clue tells you that you can find the Yellow Fever Herb on the northeast region. Open your mini-map and find the question mark, that's your target. Check the image below and you'll see the orange glow in the distance, and now it's time to get there.

Mir 4 Poisoned Attraction Request Guide

Reaching the spot is easier than it looks. Just double jump in its direction and press the button to fly and you'll reach it in one move. Gather the herb and the mission is done.

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