Mir 4 Sinner’s Shire Request Guide | Quest Solutions

Mir 4 Sinner's Shire Request Guide Quest Solutions

Sinner's Shire is a really interesting place in the world of Mir 4. It is also one with many Request missions for players to unlock and complete, some of them asking you to kill a large number of mobs, while others want you to find a given item. No matter the task at hand, our Mir 4 Sinner's Shire Request guide is going to show you how to accomplish some of the less obvious missions.

Mir 4 Sinner's Shire Request Missions Guide

Mir 4 Sinner's Shire Request Missions Guide

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Since many Mir4 Request missions will have your character move automatically to the spot, we'll avoid covering those. It's just a matter of having enough combat power to deal with the mobs, or even better, having a few friends along for the ride.

Other missions will require you to search the region for the required enemies or object, and those are not so easy. With the help of a few videos, we're going to cover the most problematic Requests in our Mir4 Sinner's Shire Request guide

Crazy Playboy
Collect Hair Ball

Go to Secret Mine 1F and look for the hair ball. There is no indication on the map concerning its whereabouts, so use the video above to see the exact location at around 0:40.

Beautiful Lady 2
Fulfill Sunik's Request

This time we must defeat demons in [Elite] Secret Mine. It's up to you to discover the location as the auto-movement is disabled, so refer to the video above for help. At 0:47 you can see the exact location of the mobs that you are looking for. Now all that is left is for you to take out 480 of them.

Untimely Love 3
Collect Demon Teeth

In the Untimely Love 3 request, you only have this one clue: collect demon teeth in the Abandoned Mine Labyrinth. But the labyrinth is huge, so that's not much of a hint. Watch the video above at 0:50 to find the location where you can destroy the demons and collect 480 teeth, something that is bound to take a while. Bring a friend, it's better this way.

Boar Fiends' Secret Warehouse
Find Secret Ore

Now we must find some secret ore in Secret Mine 2F. The clue is Find the ore that the Boar Fiend hid at Secret Mine 2F, which isn't much help. To save you some time roaming the land, watch the video at 0:35 and you'll spot the precise location of the ore that you need for this Request mission.

Evidence of Corruption
Clear Abandoned Mine 3F

This is a straightforward one, but since we're on it, we might as well tell you how it goes. Move to Abandoned Mine 3F and take down the mobs right near the entrance. Other places might work as well for this Request, but you can watch the video above for the one that we're talking about.

A History Maker
Find the Suspicious Statue

Where could this Suspicious Statue be? This one is easy as pie, because the statue is marked on the map. Move to Seocheon Trading Post, open your map and move to the question mark. There are no tricks or combat here, just jump to the glowing item and pick it up to complete this mission.

Beauty is a Weapon
Find the Teardrop Flower

This is another mission about retrieving an item, a flower in this case. The clue is You can find Teardrop Flowers at Abandoned Mine 2F, and these are marked on the map. They're very easy to pick up as well, so the solution for this Request is an easy one.

Mad Healer Pung's Vestige
Find Mad Healer Pung's Statue

Move to Abandoned Mine 1F and open the map. You'll see the question mark indicating the objective, go there avoiding all combat and grab the item to finish the ques.

This is the end of our Mir 4 Sinners Shire Request guide. We hope it helped you complete some of the less obvious missions.

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