Nikke: The Goddess of Victory Global Release Date

Nikke: The Goddess of Victory Release Date

Nikke: The Goddess of Victory is one of two upcoming games from developer Shift Up. The studio behind the successful mobile RPG Destiny Child is working on this third-person shooter for Android and iOS, but also on the very ambitious single-player action RPG Project EVE. Shift Up is a company founded by Hyung-Tae Kim, former art director on Blade & Soul, and the stylish and appealing visuals are patent in every one of their games. Kim Hyung-seop, the main illustrator for Destiny Child, is also working on Nikke: The Goddess of Victory. After what seemed like an eternity without any update on this game – it was an entire year, after all -, we finally have a new trailer showcasing the gameplay improvements. Sadly, the butt jiggling during shooting was nerfed, but the positive side is that now it won't distract you as much. So, what do we know about the Nikke: The Goddess of Victory release date?

What is the Nikke: The Goddess of Victory Release Date?

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The original announcement mentioned the plan for a global release in 2020, but that target is by and large missed. However, with the release of the gameplay video that you can watch at the end of this post, things seemed to finally be moving along smoothly. As history tells us, Shift Up released Destiny Child in Korea first, followed by Japan, and only then the global release happened.

We now know that the Nikke: Goddess of Victory global release date is scheduled for 2022. The reveal was made in March 2022 as the English social media pages went live, including the Twitter as you can see below.

The Nikke: The Goddess of Victory global release will be published by Proxima Beta and Level Infinite, subsidiaries of Tencent late 2022, most likely by October. These are the same companies that are also handling the global release of the much anticipated Genshin Impact-like MMORPG Tower of Fantasy.

Nikke: The Goddess of Victory tells the story of a distant future where the humanity was driven underground by an invading alien race. The development of battle androids gives us hope, as these soldiers will take on the invaders by every means possible. The cherry on top is that the androids are designed like cute waifus, but knowing Destiny Child, it doesn't mean that male androids won't be added into the game in future updates.

So there you have it, Nikke: The Goddess of Victory release date is set for late 2022, most likely October. Pre-registrations opened on September 7, 2022 in the Play Store and App Store.

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