Noah’s Heart Astronomical Observatory Location Guide

Noah's Heart Astronomical Observatory Location

Gulf Stream City is the first town that you'll visit in Noah's Heart. Developer Archosaur devised a massive open world and this is the starting area where you're going to meet new characters and unlock your first encounters, the anecdotes in this game. One of them will require you to find the Astronomical Observatory and take a photograph, but you may be slightly frustrated because the procedure isn't entirely clear. This Noah's Heart Astronomical Observatory location guide will clear all your doubts about the building and the exact spot where you must take the picture.

Where is the Astronomical Observatory in Noah's Heart?

Noah's Heart Astronomical Observatory Location

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The building that you can see in the photograph above is the Astronomical Observatory found in Gulf Stream City. You shouldn't confuse it with the Astronomy Research Base found in Lapholme Icefield, but that could happen, so watch out for it.

The Astronomical Observatory has a massive telescope on the roof and a couple of globes, so it should be fairly easy to spot, especially if you are roaming the skies with the help of your jetpack. But if you've been searching around for this building because of the Postcard encounter, then you could be frustrated because you must find a specific picture spot to capture your photograph and deliver it to Kiko.

On the picture below you can see the map with the exact location where you can take a gorgeous photograph of the Astronomical Observatory – and your lovely self, I might add. Check the location of the arrow, which is where you must be for the Scenery Spot trigger of the Astronomical Observatory to appear.

In case you want to learn everything about this anecdote, read our Noah's Heart Postcard encounter guide or watch our video and you'll get the full scoop. Besides, you may be on the lookout for the Order of Knights HQ location as well, so check it out while you're at it.

Noah's Heart Astronomical Observatory Location

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