Noah’s Heart Guard’s Determination Encounter Guide and Tips

Noah's Heart Guard's Determination Encounter Guide and Tips

Welcome to our Noah's Heart Guard's Determination Encounter guide, an anecdote set in Dark Night Town that requires you to enter a realm and retrieve a guard's emblem.

By the time you reach the requirements for this Encounter you should be strong enough to run the Shrine of Snow dungeon in the blink of an eye. The rest of this exploration adventure is a matter of talking to Hendon and Luke, very simple in the end. But keep reading to learn all the details about the Encounter.

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How to Unlock Noah's Heart Guard's Determination Encounter

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Clue 2 (Analyzing): Having experienced the turmoil of Lapholme, Dark Night guards – such as Hendon, the guard by the steps – seemed to have new thoughts.

To unlock the Guard's Determination Encounter you must go to Dark Night Town at level 50 or so. You can try to do this earlier, but it may not trigger – if so, keep leveling up and returning every now and then. Your target is the guard Hendon, he is easy to spot with his large afro. He waits on the west side of the town, near the stairway, coordinates are [-1415, -3038]. The anecdote unlocks as you pass near him.

Noah's Heart Guard's Determination Encounter Guide

Noah's Heart Guards Determination Encounter Guide and Tips

Talk to Hendon choosing the [Encounter] Guard's Determination option. He'll ask you for a favor that consists in getting the guardian's emblem. To do this you must enter the Shrine of Snow dungeon and complete it, grabbing the badge at the very end – click on the Others quest tab and choose the Encounter mission to automatically enter the dungeon, but don't forget that you need fatigue for this. If you have exhausted your fatigue points and you can't buy any more, continue the Encounter the next day, after the daily reset.

Complete the Shrine of Snow dungeon as you normally would, defeating the Frost Messenger Eternal boss. Then check your mission list and click on “Obtain the Guard's Emblem” to find and pick up this object – it is in the middle of the arena. After doing so, wait a few seconds and the end of dungeon message should pop up, then leave the realm.

You should be near Hendon (if not, go there), talk to him about your success. Your next task is to go to Luke, something that you can do by pressing [Encounter] Give the guard's emblem to Luke and encourage him. Tap the icon to give Luke the badge and then talk to him. Return to Hendon to let him know how the conversation went, and this concludes the Guard's Determination Encounter, rewarding you with 60 diamonds and a title.

Completed: The guard's emblem reminded Luke of guard's initial goal that could never be achieved if he gave up easily.

Chest Clue (require Lv. 2 and above lightsaber): Inside the Hunter Base.

Analysis: Search for worried guard captain.

How to Unlock More Noah's Heart Encounters

Unlocking Noah's Heart Encounters is something that can be done by analyzing the clues and trying to discover which area or NPC they may be referring to. Here are some tips for those who want to unlock these adventure quests.

First and foremost, you should explore the world and unlock as many teleport spots a.k.a. portals as you can. Talk to every NPC that you find and explore every town, small or big, that you discover.

Leveling up is crucial as well, because level requirements are extremely common when it comes to unlocking Noah's Heart Encounters. Never stop leveling up your character and Phantoms.

Finally, it's all about the story. Keep following the main campaign as much as possible, because some quest chains serve as conditions for Encounters. More often than not you'll stumble upon level barriers, requiring you to level up before the next part of the main story can be unlocked.

Where to Find Noah's Heart Encounter Clues

To find Noah's Heart Encounter clues and use them to help unlock more Encounters, you must go into the required menu. Tap the Adventure option (the hot-air balloon icon) in the top area of the gameplay screen, then choose the Exploration green card. Now pick the Encounter polaroid photograph and you're in the right spot.

Noah's Heart Encounter Stages Detailed

Encounters in Noah's Heart go through various stages that you can filter by state or area. This will help you keep things organized, since it's recommended to start by the starting regions, although it may happen that you unlock Encounters from areas that you discover as you explore the open world.


If a Noah's Heart Encounter is locked, then you haven't fulfilled the minimum requirements to start it. You should enter the respective tab and check the clues, here described as Acquire Intelligence. This usually means that you must level up more, complete a certain quest chain, or find a specific NPC in a given region that is going to trigger the Encounter.


The Encounter is unlocked as you have completed the requirements and fulfilled all the conditions. However, you still have to find the place or NPC that triggers the beginning of the Encounter based on the Intelligence report that this tale has to offer you.

In Progress

You have started this Encounter and now it's a matter of following instructions and using your wit to complete it. Most of the time you have crucial instructions in your quest list, in the Others tab. Always remember to check these hints and click on the next step whenever you can, since it can save you a lot of time roaming the land.


Congratulations, this Encounter is finished and archived, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. You can just check back on it if you want to recall what the anecdote was all about and which rewards you received from finding the solution.

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