Noah’s Heart How to Earn Diamonds Guide

Noah's Heart How to Earn Diamonds Guide

There's one thing that you'll be craving in Noah's Heart. Well, there are plenty, in fact, but it's a surefire thing that diamonds are on top of your priority list. Diamonds are one of the valuable in-game currencies that can be used in some very interesting mechanics, especially because they will allow your character to become stronger and consequentially overcoming challenges more easily. In this Noah's Heart How to Earn Diamonds guide we're going to tell you the main use of diamonds and how you can get more of those.

What Are Diamonds For in Noah's Heart

Noah's Heart How to Earn Diamonds

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If there's one thing that you shouldn't ignore in Noah's Heart, that thing is diamonds. They are an explorer's best friend and you'll only notice their true worth when you are running out.

Diamonds are mainly used to summon Phantoms, the spirits of warriors that will help you in battle. They work in a similar way to Dragon Raja's allies, but there are a few twists that you should definitely learn such as possession, but we'll leave it for another guide. So, diamonds are great to use for the gacha when you're out of tickets.

Noah's Heart has a Fatigue system that prevents you from completing certain activities more times than what you're expected per day. However, you can use 50 diamonds to purchase 60 Fatigue points twice a day, giving you more possibilities for challenging monster/navigator camps, for example.

The Constellation is another way of strengthening your character's stats. However, you may end up dissatisfied with your unlocks and want to press that blue reset button, but that's going to cost you diamonds as well.

Some items from the in-game store can be purchased with diamonds as well, from mounts to Phantom shards, cosmetic accessories and crystals for crafting enchanted items. You can expect the shop to rotate with some updates, so keep an eye out for the offers.

How to Earn Diamonds in Noah's Heart

There are several ways to earn diamonds and you should master most of them, if not all. The more you stock up, the more you'll have when you decide to hit the gacha or buy some useful item from the store. Here are some surefire ways to earn diamonds in Noah's Heart.

Complete Encounters

Encounters are the Noah's Heart Anecdotes, something that fans of Dragon Raja will surely recall. These hidden missions must be unlocked and completed sometimes with a little effort, but the rewards are worth it. Diamonds are guaranteed and the overall amount depends on the length or difficulty of the Encounter. In case you feel stuck with one of the adventures, take a look in our Noah's Heart Encounter guides, you may find the help that you need.

Activate Album Items

Pretty much everyone that you meet, every scenery spot that you discover, every bird, insect, and fruit that you hunt and collect is going into your album. Open it, activate every slot that you have pending with that familiar red dot and watch the diamonds pile up.

Open Chests

This one is self-explanatory, but it's worth reminding the less attentive that there are various rarities of chests spread across planet Noah, some of them hidden from sight. Don't be fooled by the markers in the game screen and world map, because those are the easy ones. The epic chests are buried and you must use your light sword to find them – read our Noah's Heart Hidden Chests guide to learn all about it.

Complete Matrixium Challenges

Matrixium challenges are quick and mostly simple puzzles that reward you greatly. Whenever you find one, stop everything you're doing and complete it for the diamonds and the rest of the loot. It can be an action, stealth or puzzle challenge, but since it also contributes to the region exploration rating, don't miss them.

Summon Phantoms

It's funny when you think about it – you can spend diamonds to draw Phantoms in the gacha, but new Phantoms give you diamonds as presents. Don't forget to collect the diamonds from the Tale screen.

Deploy Phantoms

Deploy Phantoms diamond rewards

Sending Phantoms on assignments is a terrific passive activity. After a few hours they return with tons of loot, including a large number of diamonds. from the top-rated SSS missions. For reference, there's this Seba's Quest mission that takes eight hours to complete – without any player intervention whatsoever – and rewards you with 390 diamonds. Yes, you read that right, it's free diamonds all the way.

Complete Today's Activity

The more points you earn by fulfilling “today's activity” by completing daily missions, the more rewards you can claim. That little luggage icon near the activity bar is where you may claim a large amount of diamonds, so don't leave any missions unattended.

Hit Game Milestones

Reaching game milestones is another way to earn a nice batch of diamonds. At set stages you'll unlock new features in Noah's Heart, such as Adventure mode at level 12, Jetpack at level 22, Top Duel mode at level 30, and other features that will follow. This isn't a task per se, but more of an organic way of growing your character level and reaping the rewards at the same time.

Defeat World Bosses

A world boss wouldn't be worthy of your time if it didn't bring great rewards. Diamonds are one part of the loot, so make sure to check the times when it spawns and head over to the location of the battle, but remember to take a few friends along for the ride.

Challenge the Trial of Light

The Trial of Light is the tower mode of Noah's Heart. You know, the one where you must face enemies of increasing difficulty on each level. The best part about it is that for every floor that you clear, you earn a nice amount of diamonds.

These are some of the most commendable ways to collect diamonds in Noah's Heart. If we discover other valid ways of earning diamonds, we'll update this guide with the tips that you need. Feel free to contribute as well by leaving your discoveries in the comments below.

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