Noah’s Heart Classes Guide | Which is the Best Noah’s Heart Class?

Noah's Heart Classes Guide Best Noahs Heart Class

Noah's Heart is the next big MMORPG from the creators of the acclaimed game Dragon Raja. This time it's a brand-new and original open world that you must explore without any constraints or barriers. The vast map is ripe for exploration on foot, mount, or flying, and survival is a key part of your adventure. Choosing the best class is always a delicate affair, although it's unfair to call them classes here – unlike Dragon Raja, there are no classes in Noah's Heart per se, only characters that you can adapt to your playstyle according to your weapon of choice. But let's continue with this Noah's Heart classes guide and help every player pick the best Noah's Heart class.

Which is the Best Noah's Heart Class?

Noahs Heart Best Classes Guide

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As I've mentioned above, your choice of weapon in Noah's Heart is what makes your approach to combat different. At time of launch, you have four weapons at your disposal: sword and shield, dual blades, bow, and polearm. As you can see, these provide very distinct options on the battlefield and it's easy to correlate them with actual classes in an MMORPG. For example, the dual blades fit the Assassin class, while the bow is the weapon of choice of any Ranger or Archer class. Switching your weapon is the equivalent to switching to a very different class.

Noah's Heart Classes Guide

Let's break down each Noah's Heart weapon/class before coming to any conclusion.

Sword and Shield

The name says it all; this is the class that should be the first one in the frontline, resorting to its melee skills to strike while making great use of its strong defense and survival capabilities. Taking damage is what this class does best, and so it is recommended for players who want to choose a class that is easy to control and provides an immediate experience. However, it's not that great at attacking while it would be expected.

Dual Blades

This is the weapon of choice for players who love to play melee and want to go for an agile and athletic class. Although this class has the ability to throw daggers from a distance, it is praised for its close quarters combat, with furious slashes and blinks that take it out of dangerous situations.

The Dual Blades class is recommended for those who already have a good grasp of the game's mechanics and usually stick to it in other MMOs, because it is likely to be the most difficult Noah's Heart class to master.


The bow and arrow is the only true long range class in Noah's Heart at the time of launch, thus making it a very appealing weapon. Players can use this weapon to put some distance between their character and the enemies, keeping at a safe distance. With a fast shooting rate and great agility, the Bow class is in theory the most balanced class of the four available from the starting selection.


The Polearm isn't the most interesting weapon and it's certainly not the best Noah's Heart class. The damage output is somewhat slim, so it's not like this is a great choice if you want to get up close and personal.

That sums up the four Noah's Heart classes at launch, with more to come in the future for sure. As for our recommendation on the best Noah's Heart class, we would have to say that our current favorite is the Bow. Since it is a very balanced weapon and puts some distance between us and our foes, it is a choice that should appeal to many players.

We hope this Noah's Heart classes guide helped you make a decision when it came down to choosing the best Noah's Heart class. Let us know in the comments if you agree or if you have a different point of view.

Noah's Heart entered its first global closed beta on December 21, 2021 for Android only. The official Noah's Heart release date is yet undisclosed, but we are confident on a 2022 release across all regions.

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