Noah’s Heart How to Get Crab Meat Ingredient Guide

Crab Meat is one of several cooking ingredients in Noah's Heart. To make some delicious and special dishes, you'll need it and a mixture of a few other ingredients. In theory, getting it should be easy, but there are some conditions that you should know, otherwise you may end up frustrated. In this guide we'll show you how to get crab meat and cook away.

How to Get Crab Meat in Noah's Heart

How to Get Crab Meat in Noah's Heart

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Your first and most obvious task will be to find crabs that are up for the taking. If you are aware of the behavior of these funny crustaceans in real life, you should know that they usually hang around beaches and river margins. Luckily, the Noah's Heart devs followed this routine and you should find them in some of these places.

However, that's not bound to happen all the time, so your best bet is to open you world map and search for crabs. You can do this by going to Resource, Fishing Spot, and then exploring the map until you discover a zone where Crab is listed. Be warned though: not every region will show the resource that you are looking for, you must scroll through the map and find the more adequate zones for each resource.

Catching crabs is an activity that requires one of your tools, the net. It's the same that you use to catch butterflies, so you should know how it goes by now. Open the tool inventory and select the net, then approach a crab and collect it.

Now for the part where you get Crab Meat, as a pure, live crab can't be used for cooking in the game. Open your inventory backpack and go to the Material tab, where resources such as fish, birds, insects or crabs are stored. Click on a crab and press Use, then choose the amount you want to turn into Crab Meat. That is how it's done, you now have Crab Meat to use in your cooking recipes.

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