Noah’s Heart Ingredients List | How to Get Ingredients Guide

Noah’s Heart Ingredients List | How to Get Ingredients Guide

Just as in every other respectable MMORPG, Noah's Heart has a cooking life skill to tie in with the rest of the adventure. It is called Masterchef, one of three careers in the game, the other two being Tailor and Craftsman. To excel in this department and level up your career level, you must fulfill a series of requirements, the main one being to cook often (daily, in fact) to spend your energy, but also to enhance your life skills, from world exploration to discovering new recipes, among other things. But in the end you're going to need ingredients, tons of them, and some aren't very easy to grab at first. In this Noah’s Heart Ingredients guide we're going to show you where and how to get ingredients for your delicious dishes.

How to Get Noah’s Heart Ingredients Guide

How to Get Noah’s Heart Ingredients Guide

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Using the search function in the world map is going to be your best ally in finding most of the ingredients in planet Noah. Fruit, vegetables, and cereals can be picked up just as you would expect in the real world, but others such as meat aren't as straightforward as you may expect. In this Noah's Heart Ingredient Locations guide we're going to detail how to get each cooking ingredient so that you may use them in your cookbook cooking recipes or free cooking experiments.


Apples can be found hanging from apple trees, a very logical real-world process that you can follow. You must find an apple tree, give it a good few hits with the axe or the shoulder – for some trees you can simply go with a shoulder bump – and the apples will start rolling on the ground. Pick them up and don't be afraid of having many apples, you'll need it for various dishes.

What is the best location to find apple trees? You should be able to find more apple trees in one area or another by opening the world map and choosing Collection Spot – Apple Tree, but our favorite is the one in Delfinam Plain, approximate coordinates [-743,454]. You can find out more about the best location to find apples in Noah's Heart in our guide.


Finding those tasty cabbages isn't a tough task; just open your world map and select Collection Spot on the left. Scroll to the cabbage option and see the location highlight on the map. If for some reason you don't see the vegetable on the list or nothing shows up on the map, scroll around to other areas as it may be due to the lack of cabbages – or other products – in a certain region.

Crab Meat

You can get crab from river banks around planet Noah. Approach the little fellows with your net and capture them as you would with a butterfly or other insects.

But this is just the first part of the process, the crab itself isn't an ingredient As it happens with Pulp, you must go into your inventory and Use the crab to get Crab Meat. Now you have the actual ingredient to use with your free cooking and recipes. You can read our detailed How to Get Crab Meat Ingredient guide.


Eggs just don't appear out of nowhere, you know. You must grab these eggs from bird's nests, but thankfully they are marked in the world map. Go to Collection Spot and find Bird's Nest, and you'll get a few spots where you can pick up eggs.

There's a collection spot near the Temple of Light that has many bird's nest somewhat close to each other, so this is a good place to stock up on eggs.


How do you get fish? By fishing, of course. Go to any river, lake or dock and you're likely to see many different types of fish swimming around. Grab your fishing rod and use it to catch fish. But that's not the gist of it.

Same as Pulp and Crab Meat, you must open your inventory and Use fish –  any type of fish, as long as you don't forget to register the really rare one in your album. There you have it, Fish is ready for the cooking. In case you want a more detail look into the process, check our How to Get Fish Ingredient guide.

Flesh Lump

This is another Noah's Heart ingredient that isn't very obvious at first. Getting it isn't as easy as defeating a few wild creatures, as you do to get Ribs. In this situation, it is a lot more unexpected, difficult, and lengthy.

To get Flesh Lump ingredient, you must open the world map and go into the Bird Hunting Spot resource tab. Choose a bird and move there, then choose the Dart weapon to enter the third-person shoulder perspective. Find a bird flying above you and learn its fly path so that you can time your shots right – our advice is that you shoot about one second before the bird is expected to go through that spot, and do it always when is flying on a somewhat straight path.

If you hit the bird, don't forget to collect the Flesh Lump. Repeat this as many times as you think you need: find bird, learn path, shoot it down with darts, and pick up Flesh Lump. Here is our detailed How to Get Flesh Lump Ingredient guide.


Mushrooms are located in various places in planet Noah. Luckily, some spots have a decent amount of Mushrooms to collect, so it's advised that you make your journey worthwhile. Open the world map, go to Collection Spot and find Mushrooms, this should highlight a location in the world where you can pick them up.


Potatoes are your average farm product that you should be able to pick without worries. Check your world map under Collection Spot and look for Potato, this will point you in the right direction.


Pulp isn't something that you can harvest anywhere. To get Pulp, you must first collect Pears or Mangoes. Then, open your inventory and choose one of these fruits. Click Use and enter the amount that you want to turn into Pulp and confirm. That's how you get this ingredient from fruit. Here is the detailed guide on how to get pulp ingredient.


Same as Potato, Radish can be easily found by going to the world map, choosing Collection Spot and selecting Radish.


Rib is one of the ingredients that you're likely to have hundreds of it in no time. It can be obtained by defeating various types of wild animals, from wolves to deer – just don't forget to pick up the ribs as they drop to the floor. Since Ribs are necessary in large amounts for some dishes, it doesn't hurt to get the most that you can.


Rice is up for the taking in many plantations, usually with other ingredients right nearby, such as Tomato, Potato, and Wheat. Open your map and go to Collection Spot, locate Rice, then go to the area that is now highlighted.


Special Seasoning is a sauce that is exclusive to purple 4-star recipes. However, it will take you a few weeks to be able to use it, as you must level up your character career level to level 38 – at the time of writing – before you can unlock Masterchef career level 4 and use it.

How to collect Seasoning is another affair entirely. You may purchase this product with diamonds from the Trading House by going into Mall, and then choosing the tab Treasure – Diamond. You should be able to buy one Seasoning bottle for 10 diamonds.

You can also get it from some activities, such as opening chests in Monster Camps, also known as Navigator Camps, among other interesting items such as Blank Blueprints (used to craft Furniture).


Tomato is fruit, not vegetable, in case you didn't know. But that's not important now, what matters is that you can get a large dose of Tomatoes if you go to your map and find Tomato under Collection Spot.


Wheat can be easily found in planet Noah, just look for it in the same way that you would do with other ingredients. Meaning that you should open the world map, go to Collection Spot, Wheat, and then look around for the marked locations. Travel there and pick up as much Wheat as you need.

That is all for this wiki showing you how to get Noah's Heart ingredients. Don't forget to check our other guides here, including our in-depth Noah's Heart Encounter guides, with dozens of detailed walkthroughs on how to unlock Encounters and complete them.

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