Noah’s Heart How to Get Seasoning Ingredient Guide

Noah’s Heart How to Get Seasoning Ingredient Guide

Seasoning is a special ingredient for the Masterchef career in Noah's Heart. It is a requirement for purple tier 4 dishes, and you usually need it in large amounts to go with the rest of the ingredients. As the name implies, it's not something that you can collect in the wild or hunt as you would with wolves or birds; instead, there are a couple of different yet not exactly hard ways of getting this special sauce. In this Noah’s Heart How to Get Seasoning Ingredient guide we'll tell you how and where to get it.

How to Get Seasoning Ingredient in Noah's Heart

Noah’s Heart How to Get Seasoning Ingredient Guide

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You shouldn't worry too much about Seasoning before you're done with all the 1, 2, and 3-star Cookbook recipes. Seasoning is only used in 4-star recipes, so there's not a big rush because you must also unlock your overall character Career level 38 before being able to cook 4-star dishes. This involves lots of cooking and exploring the two other careers, Tailor and Craftsman, as well as quite a bit of world exploration.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't start collecting Seasoning as soon as you can, because you're going to need large amounts of it. So this is how you can get to it.

Your best bet is to go into the Navigator Camps, sometimes known as Monster Camps, and open the chest three times each day. At least one time the loot should include a bottle of Seasoning, and since this is one of the best and fastest daily activities, it's very recommended.

The other way is more straightforward. Just go into Noah's Heart's in-game store, the Trading House, head over to the Mall, choose the tab Treasure – Diamond and find the Seasoning item. One bottle should cost you 10 diamonds, unless things change sooner or later.

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