Noah’s Heart Ice Dragon Roar Outfit Unlock Guide

Noah's Heart Ice Dragon Roar Outfit Unlock

Are you looking for guides on how to unlock Noah's Heart outfits? We have one for you, more specifically for the Ice Dragon Roar outfit, one that you'll want to have because it looks great, but also due to the fact that it's mandatory for the completion of one Anecdote, or Encounter as it is called in Noah's Heart. The Apple Cookie Encounter asks you to wear the Ice Dragon Roar costume and sit on a bench, but it isn't as straightforward as one could wish for. So, let's get going with this Noah's Heart Ice Dragon Roar outfit unlock guide and show you how to get this lovely and warm costume.

How to Unlock the Noah's Heart Ice Dragon Roar outfit

Noah's Heart Ice Dragon Roar Outfit Unlock Guide

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The first thing that you should know is that you need the blueprint before you are able to craft this outfit, just like the majority of costumes in the game. You craft outfits via the Tailor career, one of the three in Noah's Heart, the other two being Masterchef (for cooking) and Craftsman (for furniture and enchantment orbs).

The good thing is that you get the Ice Dragon Roar plan just by leveling up, as it is a reward from the Growth Book. After a few days you will have the blueprint available to claim, at level 47 if nothing has changed in the meantime, so don't forget to claim it and then you can get to the next stage of this process.

Now it's time to get to the creation of the outfit. For this you must be Tailor level 2, something that you can easily reach by producing clothing materials such as silk, linen, or cotton. Since we'll need them anyway, let's craft the required products, and you should have the others by now, otherwise go to the mall and purchase them.

The crafting materials for the Ice Dragon Roar outfit are the following: x20 Linen, x20 Hard Leather, x2 Dye, and x2 Manuscript.

Hopefully you have played long enough to achieve all the requirements to raise career level alongside your mastery of the craft. By this I mean the Abilities, namely Charm, Creativity, Knowledge, Prestige, and Expression. You can reach the bare minimum by completing activities such as unlocking various recipes, activating specific Album products, raising Adventure level, and raising Phantom Affection, among other things.

If you have raised all of these abilities, have the Ice Dragon Roar blueprint, created or purchased the crafting materials, and reached Tailor career level 2, now you just have to go to Fashion, choose the outfit, add to queue and press go to crafting. Congratulations, you have earned the Ice Dragon Roar outfit, an obligatory piece to trigger and complete the Apple Cookie Encounter.

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