Noah’s Heart Phantom Possession Guide

Noah's Heart Phantom Possession Guide

Phantoms in Noah's Heart are very useful in many ways. These spirits can be summoned and recruited into a supporting team, with one of them being the possessed Phantom and the rest becoming mercenaries. Given the no classes system found in Noah's Heart, it takes some learning and experimentation to find out which Phantom will be the most useful in your quest. That isn't getting a straightforward answer, so for now we'll see in this Noah's Heart Phantom possession guide how this system works.

Noah's Heart Phantom Possession Guide

Noah's Heart Phantom Possession Guide

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Noah's Heart's Phantoms can be summoned via gacha, but there are other ways to get some of them. Occasionally you'll enter a mission where you get to convince a Phantom to join your team, such as Fay, but the best ones (SSR) will be exclusive to gacha. You can use Lucky Coins or Diamonds to draw Phantoms, and it's great that we have a Noah's Heart guide showing you how to earn diamonds.

One of the Phantoms will become your Possession. Possessing a Phantom will grant you their two Special Skills, Awakening Skills, and unlocked Potentials. Besides, the Phantom's stats will also get a nice upgrade. Combined with your choice of weapon, this could give you a great boost in combat. Experimentation is key.

You can use Phantoms in dungeons, monster camps, and world bosses, and they will attack automatically. You can tap a button to use their ultimate skills when the bar is filled, and you may even create double or triple ult combos. As we've said before, your Possessed Phantom will lend some of their abilities to you, so choose the one that provides you with the best set of skills and stats.

Phantoms come in SSR, SR, and R tiers, but you can upgrade the weaker ones to higher tiers if you use shards and level up their star rating first. Phantoms come in five different classes, so try to find the best suited to your weapon of choice. Furthermore, there are six elements that will surely play an important part in team composition and bonds between Phantoms: Warm, Thought, Time and Space, Evolution, Nature, and Creativity.

That is all in our Noah's Heart Phantom Possession explanation. Check our other Noah's Heart guides here at for we have many tips, tricks, and Encounter guides for you to use.

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