Noah’s Heart Stone Altar Matrixium Challenge Solution | Offer the Stone

Noah's Heart Stone Altar Matrixium Challenge Solution

Noah's Heart is a fully-fledged MMORPG with an open world ripe for exploration and many side-quests. While you have main story quests to tackle, there are many distractions along the way including a housing system, anecdotes, and Matrixium puzzles. These puzzles are an ingenious way of motivating you to go out of your way to explore the world and unlock extra rewards. However, you must overcome challenges that range from action to stealth, and even puzzles that require ingenious thinking. One of the earliest that you will find involves three altars and one rock and can be deceivingly complicated. Our Noah's Heart Stone Altar Matrixium Challenge solution will spare you the frustration and make you go “how didn't I think of that before?”

Noah's Heart Stone Altar Matrixium Solution | Offer the Stone Guide

The Stone Altar Matrixium can be located in Tasam Basin, to the south of Fairy Spring Station, one of your first destinations in Noah's Heart. The puzzle has the following clues:

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“The Matrixium is sealed by ancient gods. Move the stone to altar to solve the riddle and repair the Matrixium” and “Find rocks nearby and place them on the altar to solve the riddle.”

You are facing three stone altars and your instinct may be to find three rocks and place them in front of each altar. However, there doesn't seem to be a second or third rock in sight, no matter how hard you search the surroundings.

So, the solution to the Stone Altar Matrixium riddle has to be another. With the rock that you pick up behind and to the left of the altars, place it in the middle of the three altars, slightly in the location where they seem to be looking at. This will solve the puzzle for good.

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