Noah’s Heart How to Get Pulp Ingredient Guide

Noah's Heart How to Get Pulp Ingredient Guide

If you want to follow the Masterchef career in Noah's Heart and cook a variety of dishes, there are a couple of things you should do right away. The first one is to check our Noah’s Heart recipes list so that you know what ingredients to mix for cooking food, and the other one is how to get pulp. Yes, pulp, because you're going to need this for some dishes. How hard can it be to find this ingredient?

Where to Find Pulp in Noah's Heart

How to Get Pulp in Noah's Heart

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if you're wondering where to get pulp in Noah's Heart, we have to break the sad news to you – there isn't anywhere to get pulp in planet Noah.

But wait, that's due to a reason that is going to make your life even easier. That's because you make pulp from a fruit just as you would in reality, in a similar process. That means you have to crush a piece of fruit to extract the pulp.

To do this, your first move is to must pick up pears, persimmons or mangoes – unless something changed before the official launch, these are the fruits that can be turned into pulp. Open the map, choose Collection Spot and highlight the respective trees. With a few pears in your backpack, open your inventory and choose the fruit. Click on Use to choose the amount that you wish to turn into pulp and the next thing you know, you have pulp in your inventory.

That's how you create pulp in Noah's Heart to use in Masterchef recipes. We hope this guide has helped you, don't forget to search for many more Noah's Heart guides.

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