Noah’s Heart Recipes List | Masterchef Food Ingredients Guide

Noah’s Heart Recipes List Masterchef Food Ingredients Guide

The open world MMORPG Noah’s Heart brings all the elements that you would expect from such a game. Lessons were learned from Archosaur Games' previous title, Dragon Raja, and while this is a visible evolution, it's clear that some mechanics were carried over, such as Anecdotes, now called Encounters. You can check our extensive list of Noah's Heart Encounter guides if you are in the mood for straightforward walkthroughs. There are careers or occupations as well, three at the time of launch: Masterchef, Craftsman, and Tailor. You need to unlock cooking recipes or blueprints to create new items, and that is where this Noah’s Heart recipes list is going to help you.

List of Noah’s Heart Recipes

Noah’s Heart Recipes List Food Ingredients Guide

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There are many ingredients waiting for you in the world of Noah's Heart. You can collect fruit from trees, fish from the rivers, meat from animals roaming the land, and so on. The hardest part is discovering new cooking recipes, as this can be done by completing some specific quests or by plain and simple experimentation via Free Cooking. Combining random food ingredients may result in a new dish, or a failed attempt that is going straight into the trashcan.

To create a dish you must pick up to five ingredients and the right amount, then click on add to queue so that your character moves to the cooking table. You can check our Noah's Heart Ingredients List guide for all the ingredients and how to get them. The full list of ingredients at the time of launch is the following: Flesh Lump, Rib, Corn Radish, Apple, Tomato, Potato, Wheat, Egg, Fish, Crab Meat, Rice, Pulp, Cabbage, Mushroom, and Special Seasoning (this one for 4-star recipes).

Do note that the 4-star recipes can't be created using Free Cooking; you must purchase the recipes from the Trading House – Trading Port – Home Store using Home Coins. So, you'll find these recipes below just so you know what's the exact amount of ingredients that you need for each one.

The Noah's Heart Masterchef cookbook recipes list below is a work in progress, with more to come as we discover the correct combination of ingredients. It is in alphabetical order and you can also find the recipe you are looking for by searching with CTRL+F in your computer browser.

Abalone and Shark Fin Soup Ingredients: x4 Rib, x4 Crab Meat, x4 Fish, x6 Seasoning

Apple Cookie Ingredients: x1 Egg, x1 Apple, x2 Wheat

Assorted Soup Ingredients: x1 Egg, x2 Cabbage, x3 Corn Radish, x3 Mushroom

Assorted Soup

Baked Potato Ingredients: x1 Potato

Baked Potato

Barbecued Pork Rice Ingredients: x1 Egg, x1 Cabbage, x2 Mushroom, x2 Rib, x3 Rice

Beef Salad Ingredients: x2 Tomato, x2 Potato, x2 Cabbage, x3 Rib

Big Plate Chicken Ingredients: x3 Potato, x3 Tomato, x3 Flesh Lump

Braised Fish Ingredients: x1 Potato, x3 Fish

Braised Pork Rice Ingredients: x2 Cabbage, x2 Egg, x4 Rib, x4 Rice, x6 Seasoning

Bread Ingredients: x2 Wheat, x2 Rice

Champagne Ingredients: x2 Apple, x2 Pulp

Chicken Burger Ingredients: x2 Cabbage, x2 Tomato, x2 Wheat, x3 Flesh Lump

Chicken Salad Ingredients: x2 Tomato, x2 Egg, x2 Flesh Lump, x3 Cabbage

Concentrated Feed Ingredients: ?

Crab Roe Assorted Onigiri Ingredients: x1 Corn Radish, x2 Mushroom, x2 Rib, x2 Crab Meat, x2 Rice

Crab Roe Bun Ingredients: x3 Crab Meat, x3 Wheat, x3 Corn Radish

Crab Roe Onigiri Ingredients: x2 Corn Radish, x2 Mushroom, x2 Crab Meat, x3 Rice

Crab Roe Onigiri

Crab Roe and Steak Noodle Ingredients: x3 Rib, x3 Crab Meat, x3 Wheat

Crab Stick Sushi Ingredients: x3 Crab Meat, x3 Wheat, x3 Rice

Crystal Bun Ingredients: x2 Potato, x2 Wheat

Curry Ingredients: x2 Potato, x2 Corn Radish, x2 Tomato, x3 Rib

Curry Ingredients

Feed I (1) Ingredients: x1 Wheat

Feed II (2) Ingredients: x1 Radish, x1 Wheat

Feed II (2) Ingredients

Feed III (3) Ingredients: ?

Feed 3 Ingredients

Feed IV (4) Ingredients: x1 Radish, x1 Wheat, x1 Rice, x1 Cabbage (to be confirmed)

Fish Burger Ingredients: x4 Potato, x4 Wheat, x4 Fish, x6 Seasoning

Fish and Chips Ingredients: x2 Potato, x2 Fish

Fish Salad Ingredients: x2 Tomato, x2 Potato, x2 Cabbage, x3 Fish

Fish Stick Ingredients: x3 Fish, x3 Wheat, x3 Tomato

Fish Sushi Ingredients: x2 Fish, x2 Rice

Fresh Vegetable Juice Ingredients: x1 Corn Radish, x1 Tomato, x2 Apple

Fried Egg Ingredients: x1 Egg

Fried Eggs with Tomatoes Ingredients: x2 Tomato, x2 Egg

Fried Noodles Ingredients: x2 Cabbage, x2 Mushroom, x2 Rib, x3 Wheat

Fruit Pie Ingredients: x1 Pulp

Fruit and Vegetable Salad Ingredients: x3 Pulp, x3 Tomato, x3 Cabbage

Honey Meat Rolls Ingredients: x3 Flesh Lump, x3 Pulp, x3 Wheat

Honey Meat Rolls Ingredients

Ikan Bakar Ingredients: x6 Fish, x6 Rice, x6 Seasoning

Kung Pao Chicken Ingredients: x2 Potato, x2 Tomato, x2 Corn Radish, x3 Flesh Lump

Love Cake Ingredients: x1 Egg, x1 Pulp, x2 Wheat

Mushroom Kebab Ingredients: x2 Rib, x2 Mushroom

Mushroom Stew Ingredients: x3 Rib, x1 Mushroom

Omelette Rice with Honey Ingredients: x2 Egg, x2 Pulp, x2 Rib, x3 Rice

Omelette Rice with Honey Ingredients

Onigiri (Rice Ball) Ingredients: x1 Rice

Potato in Caramel Ingredients: x12 Potato, x6 Seasoning

Roast Pigeon Ingredients: x1 Flesh Lump

Sashimi Ingredients: x1 Fish


Sautéed Pork Tenderloin Ingredients: x6 Rib, x6 Pulp, x6 Special Seasoning

Sautéed Potato Ingredients: x3 Tomato, x3 Potato, x3 Corn Radish

Seafood Noodle Ingredients: x1 Crab Meat, x1 Fish, x2 Wheat

Seafood Pot Ingredients: x3 Fish, x3 Crab Meat, x3 Corn Radish

Seafood Udon Ingredients: x2 Crab Meat, x2 Fish, x2 Mushroom, x3 Wheat

Seasoned Potato Steak Ingredients: x3 Potato, x3 Rib, x3 Egg

Spicy Crab Ingredients: x12 Crab Meat, x6 Seasoning

Steamed Crab Ingredients: x1 Crab

Steamed Crab Ingredients

Steak Burger Ingredients: x2 Cabbage, x2 Tomato, x2 Wheat, x3 Rib

Steak Curry Ingredients: x4 Potato, x4 Corn Radish, x4 Rib, x6 Seasoning

Steak Pie with Egg Ingredients: x2 Rib, x2 Mushroom, x2 Egg, x3 Wheat

Steak Pie with Egg Ingredients

Steamed Fish Ingredients: x3 Fish, x3 Cabbage, x3 Mushroom

Stewed Ground Pork Rice Ingredients: x1 Cabbage, x1 Mushroom, x1 Egg, x3 Rice, x3 Flesh Lump

Stewed Turnip Ingredients: x1 Corn Radish

Stewed Turnip Ingredients

Sukiyaki Ingredients: x4 Rib, x4 Cabbage, x4 Egg, x6 Seasoning

Sushi Slash Ingredients: x4 Crab Meat, x4 Fish, x4 Rice, x6 Seasoning

Sweet Egg Sushi Ingredients: x2 Egg, x2 Rice

Sweet and Sour Fish Ingredients: x3 Fish, x3 Pulp, x3 Wheat

Sweet and Sour Fish Ingredients

Tomato and Egg Gravy Noodle Ingredients: x3 Tomato, x3 Wheat, x3 Egg

Tomato Stew Ingredients: x3 Tomato, x3 Rib, x3 Flesh Lump

Tomato Stew Ingredients

Tonkotsu Ramen Ingredients: x3 Tomato, x3 Rib, x3 Wheat

Vegetable and Egg Soup Ingredients: x2 Pulp, x2 Corn Radish, x2 Eggs, x3 Tomato

Vegetable and Egg Soup Ingredients

Vegetable Salad Ingredients: x3 Corn Radish, x3 Mushroom, x3 Cabbage

Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork Ingredients: x2 Corn Radish, x2 Potato, x2 Pulp, x3 Rib

If you have discovered new combinations and you'd like to contribute to this Noah’s Heart Masterchef recipes list, leave your findings in the comments and we'll add it to this wiki. You may also point out any mistake that we may have made during the creation of this recipe list. You'll get credit in this post for your contribution to help the Noah's Heart community.

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