Noah’s Heart World Map Guide | How to Check Coordinates and Game Map

Noah's Heart World Map Coordinates

In Noah's Heart, Planet Noah is a huge spherical world and this means that there's a lot of terrain to cover if you want to check the whole game map. Luckily, said map is extremely useful and is going to be your best companion in your adventure, pointing you in the right direction for quests, important NPCs, and even precious resources. Comparing to Archosaur Games' previous outing, the acclaimed mobile MMORPG Dragon Raja, the new map is a much improved beast, but how can you access it and where are the beloved coordinates? Our Noah's Heart world map guide is going to answer those questions.

How to Open Noah's Heart World Map

How to Check Noah's Heart World Map and Coordinates

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You can open the Noah's Heart world map by clicking the compass on the top right area of the screen. This brings up the in-game map with markers for important NPCs – but many more are up for discovery -, resource  and monster locations, and much more. You can zoom in and out, highlight relevant items or challenges such as chests, Matrixiums, photograph or scenery spots, and portals for quickly teleporting to regions far away.

One of the icons in the Quest list opens a mini-map of sorts, but it feels very bare-bones and I'm yet to find it useful in the least. Perhaps you can make use of it, it's up to each.

This is a great improvement over the studio's previous work on Dragon Raja, which featured a different kind of open world – one strictly divided by regions and where you needed to use the map to jump from one location to the other.

How to Check Noah's Heart Coordinates

Dragon Raja fans will surely praise the value of coordinates. It was thanks to these that you could easily meet up with other players, pinpoint areas of interest, and above all accurately detail the location of an item or anecdote point.

The good news is that coordinates are still a thing for Noah's Heart . The bad news is that Noah's Heart coordinates function somewhat differently to Dragon Raja, and it's not all for the best. Let's investigate.

In Dragon Raja you had the helpful coordinates always displayed on top of your quest list, something that was extremely handy. But for some reason Noah's Heart has removed the coordinates from the main gameplay screen. If you want to check the coordinates of your current location or anywhere in the in-game world, for that matter, you must open the world map and click on any spot. The coordinates will appear on the right side of the map next to the name of the region.

So, Noah's Heart does have a helpful coordinates system that is going to be particularly useful to detail the location of important NPCs or Encounter unlock triggers. It's not quite the same as Dragon Raja, but it remains a crucial feature in a game of this ambition.

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