Path of Exile 2 Release Date

Path of Exile 2 Release Date

The announcement of Path of Exile 2 during the first ever ExileCon was the undisputed highlight of the event. It wasn't the only one though, with the reveal of Path of Exile Mobile, as well as the Conquerors of the Atlas update. Path of Exile 2 is no other than the eagerly awaited 4.0.0 update, the mega-expansion that every Path of Exile fan is expecting. But what is the Path of Exile 2 release date?

Path of Exile 2 will be free?

Path of Exile 2 gameplay graveyard

First and foremost, we'll tackle the Path of Exile 2 business model for those who haven't been paying attention. Path of Exile 2 isn't a separate game; it's a “new seven-act storyline that is available alongside the original Path of Exile 1 campaign.”

Considering this, it wouldn't make sense for Grinding Gear Games to change the widely successful free-to-play business model that helped push Path of Exile into millions of PCs and consoles. Unless some higher-up at the New Zealand-based studio decides that it is a good time to destroy everything that has been done until now, Path of Exile 2 will be free.

Following on the above considerations, a Path of Exile 2 Steam release is also mandatory. Path of Exile is available on Steam and has an impressive player base. With no standalone client to speak of, a Path of Exile 2 Steam launch is a certainty.

Path of Exile 2 Release Date

Like many other fans of the acclaimed action RPG, you're surely wondering when is the Path of Exile 2 launch date. Grinding Gear Games is hard at work in the new systems that this update will bring.

The new game engine brings noticeable changes to the scene, as the first Path of Exile 2 gameplay showed us, including new character models and animations. Let's not forget about the 19 new Ascendancy classes, along with the new skill system that was entirely made from scratch. It's a colossal project that more than justifies the almost-sequel status of Path of Exile 2.

As for the Path of Exile 2 release date, it's not such a straightforward matter. For such an undertaking, a beta phase is usually the norm, and it is what the devs are planning to do here as well. We already have a few tidbits that should let you know when  you can play Path of Exile 2.

Here is what we know of the Path of Exile 2 release date so far:

  • Open beta: Late 2020
  • Estimated Release Date (our prediction): Late 2021

We'll update this guide with new info as soon as we get it, so don't forget to check back often.


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