Perfect World Revolution Redeem Codes List (July 2021)

Perfect World Revolution Coupon Codes

Updated July 24, 2021 | Perfect World Revolution is a new way of enjoying the classic PC MMORPG on mobile, this time using a comfortable one-hand portrait mode. This is quite a change from the original game and the majority of MMO games on portable devices and is certainly going to capture the attention of many players worldwide. The stunning visuals and cool classes are another winning factor, but the adventure ahead is going to be challenging and arduous, and this is where any help is appreciated. There's nothing better to get you started than our Perfect World Revolution redeem codes list, so keep on reading and snag those valuable redeem codes.

Perfect World Revolution Redeem Codes List

Perfect World Revolution Redeem Coupon Codes

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Now that you have picked your class from the starting selection – the Vulpine is one of our favorites – and you're ready to enhance your character's abilities in every shape and form, every piece of in-game currency and resources can help. Claim those Perfect World Revolution gift codes below and you'll get an extra little boost.

  • PWRMyrtle4
  • PLAYPWR (redeem code for x1 Blessing Stone, R2 Catalyst Box, Perfect Explorer Title)
  • REVOLUTION (redeem code for x1 Black Steward Skin)
  • PWRFOREVER (redeem code for Ever Perfect Chest, R1 Engrave Chest x 2, Gold x50000, EP Chest 2D)

The codes we have tried aren't case-sensitive, and although this could change in the future, it isn't likely to happen. If you can't redeem a supposedly working code, then it is probably expired – it's not often that we get the expiration date along with the code release.

In case you want to know how to find more Perfect World Revolution codes, the answer is simple. The most important thing that you should do is bookmark this page, because we'll do all the heavy lifting for you. But in case you also want to look around for yourself, we advise you to search the game's official social media every few days. This is where the developers will release new codes to celebrate milestones, as compensation for maintenance, or simply to offer their players a little freebie now and then.

How to Claim Perfect World Revolution Coupon Codes

Perfect World Revolution redeem codes

You can claim a PWR redeem code right from the start, but it won't take more than a few minutes before the required Benefits option pops up. Follow the instructions below to claim your valid codes.

  • Play until you reach level 12
  • Tap the new Benefits icon on the right vertical menu
  • Scroll the horizontal menu on the bottom to the right
  • Tap Redeem Code
  • Enter your code and tap Exchange

The rewards will be sent to your bag, but in case it is full, the rewards will be forwarded to your in-game mail. Make sure to collect them because it has a limit of 50 mails as well.

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