Rainbow Story Global Gift Codes List and Redeem Guide (April 2022)

Rainbow Story Global Gift Codes

Updated April 11, 2022 | Are you looking for Rainbow Story Global gift codes so that you can boost your adventure start in this anime MMORPG? We have all the codes for you in this list, so keep reading to check them out. This is your best resource for Rainbow Story Global codes (play free on PC here) as we'll do our best to keep it updated with new releases so that you give your character the experience and combat power boost it deserves.


Rainbow Story Global Gift Codes List

Rainbow Story Global Gift Codes List

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Rainbow Story Global gift codes will give you tons of free rewards, which include items and in-game currency such as pearls, gems, rations, and more. You can find the updated list of codes below.

  • 3D7JQWU43 – redeem code for Pearl*300, Pet Recruiting Ticket*2, Den Entrance Ticket*1, Wing Advancing Pill*3 – expires April 15, 2022
  • IWD2022 – redeem code until March 12, 2022
  • 3WYBDFZ34 – redeem code for Pearls*300, Wing Advancing Pill*3, Offline AFK Ticket*1 – expires March 5, 2022
  • 38HR8RH32 – redeem code for Pearls*300, Source of Life (M)*2, Source of Block (M)*2, Source of Block (M)*2 – expires February 20, 2022
  • 38YKZE628 – redeem code until February 7, 2022
  • 3WAD9L523 – redeem code for Headdress-Birds and Flowers x1, Pearl x200, Pet Recruiting Ticket x3
  • 343CV2622 – redeem code for Bubble-Gorgeous Scenery x1, Pearl x150, Spiritual Power x100
  • 3S4S6UE20 – redeem code for Pet Recruiting Ticket x5, Pearl x300, Den Entrance Ticket x1, Starup Stone x1
  • 33N8AYF21 – redeem code for Avatar Frame- Spring Weather x1, Starup Small Angel x1, Skill Book Page x3
  • RS666
  • 3C2K6ZZ19 – redeem code for Pet Recruiting Ticket x5, Offline AFK Ticket x1, Enhance Stone x3, Starup Small Angel x1
  • 3EFSD3S18
  • 3B3H9V617 – redeem code for Costume-Endless Vigor x1, SS Pet Cupid x1, Mount Ration(S) x5, Pearls x300
  • 3WJRY749 – redeem code for Pearl x100, Enhance Gems x3, Mount Ration x3 – expires January 31, 2022

Hurry up when redeeming a newly released code as it may be bound to a short expiration date or limited number of claims. Always type the codes as they are presented in this list, since changing capital letters may be reason for an invalid code.

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How to Redeem Rainbow Story Global Codes:

Redeeming these codes is extremely easy and rewarding, in every sense of the word. Just follow the simple instructions below.

  • Launch Rainbow Story Global
  • Tap Settings on the main gameplay page
  • Select the Code tab on the left
  • Enter a valid Rainbow Story Global and click Confirm

That's how you redeem Rainbow Story Global coupon codes. If you don't get your rewards immediately, don't forget to go into the in-game mailbox and claim your rewards. that's how some games work.

Rainbow Story Global is the global release of Rainbow Story, a popular anime side-scrolling MMO in the style of the classic MapleStory. You can download it from the Play Store and App Store.

How to Get More Rainbow Story Global Gift Codes?

The developers of this game will reveal new Rainbow Story Global codes via their social media pages. You can look around the official community pages such as Facebook, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, or even Reddit when available in the hopes of getting a new code. Sometimes they release codes to celebrate a milestone such as an anniversary celebration – note that some games hold celebrations for first month, 100 days, and so on -, as a compensation for unexpected maintenance, or plain and simply as a reward for loyal players. We'll do our best to keep this page updated, as it will be your best resource for new codes.

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