Seven Knights 2: 7 Essential Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

Seven Knights 2 Tips Tricks

Netmarble released the anticipated sequel to 2014's hit Seven Knights on November 10, 2021. Featuring an improved graphical style but retaining the dozens of heroes and team-based gameplay, this action RPG delivered on what fans were expecting, as our first impressions will tell you. Seven Knights 2 has quite a few strategies when it comes to combat, so it's best that you learn all about it before mindlessly charging onto the enemies. With nearly 50 warriors of different classes at launch, the choice isn't going to be easy. Furthermore, a PC version was released on November 18, 2021, bringing more comfort to players who like to use the keyboard and mouse combo for better tactical play. And now let's get to our Seven Knights 2 Essential Tips and Tricks for Newcomers guide.

Seven Knights 2 Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks

Seven Knights 2 First Impressions

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Equipment Tip 1: Make Use of Lower Grade Equipment

Early on in the game, when it’s difficult to acquire Rare or Legendary equipment, enhance and transcend Greater equipment as they can still add huge boosts to your early game power.

You can retrieve a significant portion of the items that went into the enhancement/transcendence upon salvaging the equipment later, so there’s no need to save up for later.

All heroes should equip at least Common grade equipment to increase the Account Combat Power, which is the sum of all of your Heroes’ Combat Power. Hefty rewards given upon achieving certain Account Combat Power levels.

Equipment Tip 2: Set Effects Are Paramount For Equipment Performance

Rather than equipping items that have high stat value, it’s best to equip items that share the same set effects(these only activate upon equipping several items with the same effect).

It’s important to find and equip set effects that suit each hero.

Set effects are amplified every 2/3/5 set items equipped, so refer to this number when setting up your hero’s equipment.

The “Auto-Equip Settings” function helps you conveniently configure the item setup for your hero.

Formation Tip: Pick One and Go All-In

Formation Enhancement is costly, and thus you will not be able to enhance them all at first.

After completing an initial hero composition to work with, choose one formation that suits your comp best and only enhance that formation early on.

Decide whether you want to focus on PvE or PvP. If PvE, focus on Swift Attack or Crit Formation, and if PvP see what PvP-favored heroes you have and pick a formation accordingly.

Hero Tip 1: Roles Are More Important Than Grades

Having a solid hero composition consisting of different roles is much more effective than simply having a comp with high grade heroes. It is recommended to find a good mix of heal/tank/damage.

Your initial goal to gather heroes and form comps to clear all Upgrade Dungeons and Raids to a certain difficulty level. To do this, you should strengthen heroes with various types of Status Effect Resistance (Ian, Henry, Scott, Guilahan, Adel) and heroes with Suppressor Skills (Shane, Rudy, Lene).

Utilizing heroes’ various types of Resistance and skill features will also be helpful in progressing through the main quest. Especially starting from the “Normal Difficulty,” the heroes’ unique roles will be significantly more important.

  • Chapter 1 Darkened Spirit : Greater Claire (Enemy Buff Removal)
  • Chapter 1 Kecha : Greater Claire (Enemy Buff Removal), Guilahan (Burn Resistance)
  • Chapter 1 Kuecha : Guilahan (Burn Resistance)
  • Chapter 2 Ice Spirit : Greater Adel (Freeze Resistance), two healers (high damage from boss)
  • Chapter 2 Bosses : Greater Adel (Freeze Resistance)
  • Chapter 3 Bosses: : Greater Guilahan (Burn Resistance), Common Lene (Suppressor Skill)

Hero Tip 2: Reset Marathons Are Not Recommended

Some games recommend “reset marathons” where players go through multiple new accounts until they get a hero they want, but we advise against this in Seven Knights 2. A single reset try will take 1 – 1.5 hours.

Most heroes will be obtainable through normal gameplay, and upon the 7th daily check-in you will be given a very powerful hero “Saint of Light Karin.” Because of this, we recommend you get started on the game instead of trying for rerolls.

Shop Tip: Constantly Check the Emporium For Offers

The Emporium’s offers refresh every six hours and you can get free Maps on each refresh. Maps are required for Field Exploration, the content that allows you to supplement Hero/Pet growth while farming for valuable items.

Also check for good deals other than the free Maps. High grade items and Soulstones can also be acquired at set prices, potentially reducing the need to draw for them.

PC Version Tip: Experience the Full Quality Seven Knights 2 Has To Offer

At times, continued play through a mobile device can be difficult due to battery usage, device heat etc.

By playing through the PC client, you can experience smoother, sharper gameplay, and can also play more conveniently through the keyboard.

You can play by first creating an account on a mobile device, and then linking that account via Email to login to the PC version.

For instructions and further details, players can check out the site:

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