Sword Master Story Tier List Guide | Best Characters to Use

Sword Master Story Tier List

Sword Master Story features dozens of appealing female heroes to recruit, making this a hard task. Apart from the fantastic 2D artwork that is displayed in the hero screen and dialogues, the pixel art is another triumph for the creators at SuperPlanet. However, making a winning team in this RPG isn't a matter of choosing the most appealing characters – you must check their strengths and weaknesses to create a balanced party of five heroes. Hopefully our Sword Master Story tier list guide will help you with this task.

Sword Master Story Tier List | Best Heroes to Recruit

Sword Master Story Tier List

Recruiting the best Sword Master Story units isn't a straightforward task. This RPG comes with a traditional summon feature, or gacha, as you surely also know it by, which makes the whole process somewhat dependent on luck and grind. Having some Sword Master Story coupon codes at hand to get rubies and summoning tickets is something that you just can't refuse.

There are a few recommendations that you must take into account if you want a balanced and strong team. Your party of five should include an assorted mix of classes, with a healer being a definite highlight. Always include a Warrior or two to keep enemies busy in the frontlines, while your Archers and Mage attack from the back.

So, this is a good example of a winning team in Sword Master Story: Cain (Warrior) and Vivian (Warrior) at the front, Gaia (Archer), Kalisia (Mage), and Yui (Healer) to give your party the support they need. Obviously, you'll need to make adjustments according to the characters that you receive in the gacha.

S Tier

These are the best heroes that you can get in the game. Apart from the main hero Cain, you won't be so lucky as to recruit an S tier hero in the main adventure. Save your rubies for the summon and you may get a 5-Star hero if you're lucky.

  • Cain – Warrior
  • Kalisia – Mage
  • Gaia – Archer
  • Vivian – Warrior
  • Lilith – Mage
  • Mary – Archer
  • Odin – Mage
  • Yui – Healer
  • Aina – Mage
  • Joan of Arc – Mage
  • Athena – Mage
  • Lucifer – Mage
  • Artemis – Archer
  • Dark – Mage
  • Ares – Warrior
  • Dark Lord – Mage

A Tier

You may find a few good heroes to go with your S tier units, but you shouldn't use them if you have a superior character of the same class.

  • Medusa – Mage
  • Nike – Archer
  • Ceres – Mage
  • Eve – Archer
  • Medea – Mage
  • Rina – Archer
  • Hestia – Warrior
  • Chaos – Warrior
  • Ananke – Mage
  • Lyn – Warrior
  • Rachael – Healer
  • Johan – Healer

B Tier

B-Tier characters are useful to get you started, but won't take you anywhere. Nonetheless, the artwork is great and having a full set of heroes is always something to be relished. Just don't expect them to put up a fight against Gustav.

  • Adolph – Archer
  • Robin – Archer
  • Hippolyta – Warrior
  • Lena – Mage
  • Sophia – Mage
  • Bella – Warrior
  • Chloe – Healer
  • Merlin – Mage
  • Hera – Mage
  • Sylvia – Archer
  • Iris – Healer
  • Alice – Archer

We hope that this Sword Master Story Tier List guide gave you some good ideas on how to build your team. Let us know in the comments if you believe that a particular unit deserves more praise than it is currently getting.


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