Tamashi Rise of Yokai Bonfire Quiz Answers Guide

Tamashi Rise of Yokai Bonfire Quiz Answers Guide

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is a cute anime MMORPG with all the events that you want from this kind of game. You have world bosses, PvP, raids, escort missions and so much more. One of the things that is usually appreciated by every player is the trivia mode, and thankfully we have not one, but at least two trivias in Tamashi: Rise of Yokai. Since these are great ways of earning experience points and various in-game items, you must perform well to reap the rewards. Our Tamashi Rise of Yokai Bonfire Quiz answers guide will give you the answers so that you get the best ranking possible.

Tamashi Rise of Yokai Bonfire Quiz Answers

Tamashi Rise of Yokai Bonfire Quiz Answers Guide

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The Bonfire Quiz is a fast-paced you snooze you lose kind of free-for-all competition. It opens daily at 19:40 server time and pits you against other players in a round of 15 questions. You must read the question with attention and pick one of four options in 10 seconds as the correct answer. The players that get the answer right win three points, while the ones that do it faster earn a total of seven points per question.

We also have a Tamashi Rise of Yokai Smart Quiz answers guide in progress, so remember to check it out if you want our help in becoming the top ranked quiz player. And now, here are the Bonfire Quiz solutions:

Q: Which art group is known as Canada's national treasure?
A: Cirque du Soleil

Q: What do the notes of 2 in the short form stand for?
A: Re

Q: Which of the following emperors issued the Edict of Milan?
A: Constantine I

Q: In order to cure the princess' homesickness, the king of Babylon built which wonder of the world?
A: Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Q: Please choose your waterproof material.
A: Wax

Q: If you want to confess, your intimacy must be greater than…
A: 99

Q: The outside of the cold drink will automatically sprout water droplets. What is this phenomenon called?
A: Coagulation

Q: How players can improve their ranking?
A: Challenge higher ranked players

Q: The first touch screen phone in the world was?
A: IBM Simon

Q: Why favorable traits are more likely to be passed on to offspring?
A: Reproduction

Q: Founder of Facebook/Meta
A: Mark Zuckerberg

Q: 4.16 x 0.75 = ?
A: 3.12

Q: How many stars are there on the Australian flag?
A: 6

In case you discover a question that we haven't listed yet, feel free to leave it in the comments section with the right answer. We'll proceed to add it here and give you due credit.

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