Tamashi Rise of Yokai Smart Quiz Answers Guide

Tamashi Rise of Yokai Smart Quiz Answers Guide

Tamashi Rise of Yokai has a couple of events to test your brain matter. We have many Bonfire Quiz answers in our wiki to help you, but there's another quiz mode in a somewhat similar fashion. You unlock it after a couple of hours of play, after reaching level 49, and then it's a deluge of experience points and rewards while learning some new facts. This Tamashi Rise of Yokai Smart Quiz answers guide will help you hit the highest ranking in this event.

Tamashi Rise of Yokai Smart Quiz Answers List

Tamashi Rise of Yokai Smart Quiz Answers Guide

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The Tamashi Smart Quiz is just like other OX Quiz events seen in a few MMORPGs. You see a question or statement and you must pick the side which you believe holds the correct answer. Instead of X and O, this time you have A and B, respectively to the left and right side.

Choose the option that you believe is right and move your character to the left or right before time runs out. Each daily session offers 30 questions and you compete against other players.

Here is the Tamashi Rise of Yokai Smart Quiz answers wiki. Remember to use the search function CTRL + F to quickly find the question that you are looking for.

Talent system of Spiritlic will be unlocked at G_?
A – 3

How many people can get on the court in basketball?
A – 10

So Baby pull me… Please complete the lyrics.
A – Closer

What is the term for crossing the opponent's defensive line in soccer?
A – Offside

If you want to confess, your intimacy must be greater than…
B – 99

World's longest river.
A – Nile River

Which country in history is the official writing system of the Egyptian hieroglyphs?
B – Ancient Egypt

When you fail to enhance your gear, you will get…
B – Blessing Pt.

Which of the following works was written by the female author Mary Shelley?
B – Frankenstein

Please select the animal/insect that will suck blood.
B – All of the above

The beloved knight of Guinevere is?
A – Lancelot

Which of the following is a move of Goku?
A – Kamekameha

In what year was the Napoleonic code promulgated?
A – 1804

The leader of the Kingdom of Prussia in the Seven Years War was…
B – Frederick II

How many keys does a grand piano have?
A – 88

How to advance Aide.
B – Use Advance Order

Who actually drew the sketch of Rose in Titanic?
B – James Cameron

Please point out the impostor.
B – White Goose

Which Portuguese navigator pioneered the sailing route from Europe around the Cape of Good Hope to India?
B – Vasco da Gama

Did you know that there is a separate English word for the smell of dust when it rains? Please point out:
B – Petrichor

What color are the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball?
B – Orange

The first touch screen phone in the world was?
B- IBM Simon

What is the theme song of Mr. Bean?
A – Ecce Homo

What anime character wants to be the homage?
A – Naruto

How many star level of drabeads are available for Clan Pray?
B – 5

What myth does Poseidon, the god of the sea, come from?
A – Ancient Greek Mythology

Who is the founder of Netflix?
B – Reed Hastings

Please choose the incorrect way to keep food fresh.
A – Pasteurization method

What song is Dame Da Ne from?
B – Dame Da Ne

When is the date of birth of United States Declaration of Independence?
A – 1776

The first three notes of C major on the guitar are?
B – 1, 2, 3

Which of the following was not produced by Leonardo da Vinci?
A – Luncheon of the Boating Party

How many strings does the erhu have?
A – 2

How to trigger the Purge function in Ranked Match?
A – Enemy is ranked lower

The maximum gems that can be set in each piece of gear?
A – 6

How long did the first Academy Awards ceremony last in 1929?
B – 15 min

B – a

Who sang Party Rock Anthem?

What will be the name of the combination of Gotu and Vegeta?
A – Gogeta

How much DEF can be increased by Lv. 3 DEF Gem?
B – 100

Please choose your waterproof material:
B – Wax

This is a work in progress, so feel free to contribute by leaving your question and answer in the comments section and we'll add it here if it's a new one. You'll get due credit on this page for your help to the Tamashi community.

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