Tears of Themis Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz Answers

Tears of Themis Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz Answers

There's another Tears of Themis quiz out there, another great way to test the players' skills and knowledge in this detective and romance game from the makers of Genshin Impact. After the trivia questions from the Trials of Themis Quiz and the Summer Breeze Quiz, it's now time for another Tears of Themis cheat sheet, once again compiled with great care and attention to help you out. Keep reading for our Tears of Themis Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz answers.

Tears of Themis Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz Answers

Tears of Themis Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz Answers

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The Pop Quiz of Romantic Rail Getaway – Witness to Love and Promises was revealed on November 22, 2021 by miHoYo on the Tears of Themis official social media pages. You can access the form above to answer a few questions and you get the reward no matter your score. However, fans of Rosa's adventures with her close friends Marius, Vyn, Luke, and Artem will surely aim for the 100/100 score. So here is our Tears of Themis Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz solution to give you a hand.

Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz True or False Answers

Q: Marius invited me to go with him to the Amma Savanna during vacation.
A: No

Q: You went to Mangrove Park on the second day of your trip with Luke.
A: No

Q: The rainforest reserve has more than 1000 kinds of flora and fauna.
A: No

Q: The parrot flower's rhizomes contain a special alkaloid that is effective for many medical maladies and has a high medicinal value.
A: Yes

Q: Luke heard about the legend of the golden diamond in Shanya's Folk Customs Area
A: Yes

Q: The Tambyani way of making a wish is to first tie a vital and tenacious blade of grass around their wrist before wishing upon it.
A: No

Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz Multiple Choice Choose One Answers

Q: In the Braided Grass Arts Experience, you crafted:
A: A straw necklace

Q: In Napo Jungle, the reward that Marius wanted was:
A: Eat fried fish with grilled ant sauce together with him

Q: The largest mine in Tambyani is:
A: Kulu Mine

Q: The mine management wanted to take the golden diamond that Mark dug out for themselves. What did Mark do?
A: Take the diamond and jump off the cliff behind the mine

Q: Which rainforest conservation project is Pax investing in Tambyani?
A: Imana Rainforest

Q: Under the mine, you and Luke happened upon:
A: Mark's son

Q: Where did you ultimately find Mark?
A: Canyon Village

Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz Multiple Choice Choose All That Apply Answers

Q: Once the technology to cultivate parrot flowers becomes more developed, Marius intends to:
A1: Showcase parrot flowers to the world so more people can see them
A2: Let more people visit the rainforest to enjoy its scenery

Q: What is rainforest economy?
A1: Expanding rainforest tourism projects
A2: Investing in sustainable sources of income

Q: Some activities happened at Mangrove Park. Which plans didn't make it?
A1: Canoeing
A2: Mangrove zipline exploration

Q: Why did the mine manager watch the miners?
A1: To stop the miners from leaking anything from the mine and causing an escalation of public opinion
A2: To stop the miners from colluding with one another, harboring Mark, or secretly transferring the diamond

Q: What actions did the local police take against the mine after Luke contacted them?
A1: Take the mine manager into custody
A2: Close the diamond mine down
A3: Transferred the miners to another mine operated by the local government

That is all for our Tears of Themis Romantic Rail Getaway Pop Quiz cheat sheet. We hope you managed to get a perfect score with the help of our guide and don't forget to grab all the rewards, you deserved them.

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