Tears of Themis Trials of Themis Quiz Answers Guide

Tears of Themis Trials of Themis quiz guide

When you complete chapter two of Tears of Themis and send the criminal behind bars – we won't spoil it here, for obvious reasons -, you unlock a new  and unexpected event. Called Trials of Themis, this is a retro-styled game with cute pixel art and even dresses your character with ancient garments, fitting in with the Greek mythology theme for this event. As you watch the main character run across the bridge, you'll come face-to-face with opponents and rewards. You have to debate your way across the short stages, pick some valuable items and in-game currency, and eventually participate in quizzes. The questions will test your Greek mythology knowledge but may touch upon other general topics, so we decided to help you out with this Tears of Themis Trials of Themis quiz answers guide.

Trials of Themis Quiz Answers Guide | Trial of Athena Solutions

Trials of Themis Quiz Answers

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Just so to clear up any confusion, the event may be called Trials of Themis, but the quiz that you pick is named Trial of Athena. In places you may find it as Trial of Minerva, something that is pretty much equivalent – Athena is from Greek mythology, while Minerva is the designation in Roman religion. Perhaps it was a mishap from the English translation, which is generally of extremely high quality throughout the game, so it's nothing to worry about.

The Trial of Athena starts when you pick the owl, prompting a quiz with one question and three answer choices. Greek mythology seems to be the dominant topic, but there are other types of questions that will test your general knowledge as well.

Without further ado, here is our Trials of Themis quiz answers guide featuring all the solutions for the Trial of Athena questions that we've managed to answer.

Q: Who is the Goddess of Law and Justice?
A: Themis

Q: What do people call Aphrodite?
A: Goddess of Love

Q: Who is the goddess of victory?
A: Nike

Q: Zeus ruled over the cosmos, but especially?
A: Lightning

Q: Who is Zeus's wife?
A: Hera

Q: Who did Hera turn into a cow and try to kill?
A: Io

Q: Eros is whose son?
A: Aphrodite

Q: Athena was known as the goddess of wisdom and what else?
A: Goddess of War

Q: Athena is usually depicted as wielding which weapon?
A: Spear

Q: Who accidentally killed his father and married his mother?
A: Oedipus

Q: What is Artemis' mythical beast?
A: Deer

Q: Who was the snake-haired woman with a petrifying gaze?
A: Medusa

Q: What do most people call you during your journey?
A: Servant

Q: Eros is the son of which God?
A: Aphrodite

Q: What was the god of thieves's first heist?
A: Apollo's cattle

Q: What instrument does Apollo play?
A: Lyre

Q: What is Apollo's and Artemis' relationship?
A: Siblings

Q: What was the most influential city-state in Greece?
A: Athens

Q: What was the typical climate of ancient Greece?
A: Mediterranean

Q: “Vega” belongs to which constellation?
A: Lyra

Q: What did Phaethon request as a gift from his father, Helios?
A: Sun chariot

Q: Who drove the sun chariot?
A: Helios

Q: Who is “Mother Earth” referring to?
A: Gaia

Q: Where do chests you encounter in your journey come from?
A: Priesthood

Q: What is the most abundant creature in the ocean?
A: Plankton

Q: In this story's beginning, who spewed black smoke and tainted the gods?
A: Typhoeus

Q: In Greek mythology, who was the first king of the gods?
A: Uranus

Q: Who is known as the “King of the Gods”?
A: Zeus

Q: What was the earliest written piece of Greek literature?
A: Homer's epic

Q: According to legend, upon which mountain do the gods reside?
A: Mount Olympus

Q: Which mythological treasure symbolized wealth, adventure and indomitable will?
A: Golden Fleece

Q: Who successfully acquired the Golden Fleece?
A: Jason

Q: Who is called the god of war?
A: Ares

Q: What is Poseidon's weapon?
A: Trident

Q: Who is the god of the sea?
A: Poseidon

Q: What did Jason ride on?
A: Ox

Q: What did Prometheus give to humanity?
A: Fire

Q: Who rescued Prometheus?
A: Heracles

Q: Who had his liver devoured by an eagle?
A: Prometheus

Q: Who is the Goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology?
A: Selene

Q: Who is the Greek goddess of the Moon?
A: Artemis

Q: What is Cerberus also known as?
A: 3-Headed Hell Hound

Q: What was the wondrous thing hidden in Pandora’s box?
A: Hope

Q: Which of the following is a Greek philosopher?
A: Plato

Q: What is the Socratic dialogue written by Plato?
A: Republic

Q: Which nymph turned into a laurel tree?
A: Daphne

Q: In the Dead Sea, what happens if someone can't swim?
A: Float

Q: In the legends, what started the Trojan War?
A: Apple of Discord

Q: Which woman's beauty caused the Trojan war?
A: Helen

Q: In Greek mythology, who was given the golden apple?
A: Aphrodite

Q: Who is the Goddess of Strife and Discord in Greek mythology?
A: Eris

Q: Who is the goddess of the hearth?
A: Hestia

Q: Dionysus is the Greek god of what kind of wine?
A: Grape

Q: Who invented the ruler, number and alphabet?
A: Hermes

Q: Which work by the Greek sculptor Myron was inspired by athletes?
A: Discobolus

Q: During a total solar eclipse, what blocks the sun?
A: The moon

Q: What color is situated at the top of a rainbow?
A: Red

Q: What can you do when a leech bites you?
A: Detach by the head

Q: What exactly is “moonlight”?
A: Reflected sunlight

Q: How do dandelions spread their seeds?
A: Wind

Q: When camping outside, which location is not suitable as a campsite?
A: Under a cliff

Q: How should you walk down a steep mountain?
A: Descend sideways

Q: Where is the best place to set up camp overnight?
A: High place near

Q: What part of the body contains the most fat?
A: Heart

Q: Which body part did philosophers believed housed the soul?
A: Heart

Q: Which is not a sign of imminent thunder and lightning?
A: Knee aches

Q: Which of the following is a fragrance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales?
A: Ambergris

Q: What is bamboo classified as?
A: Grass

Q: What should you drink to prevent heat stroke after sweating a lot in the summer?
A. Salted water

Q: What shouldn’t you drink if you have a fever?
A: Strong tea

Q: What is the largest human organ?
A. Skin

Q: What can cause sleeping children to grind their teeth?
A: Gut Parasite

Q: Why do mosquitoes suck blood?
A: To lay eggs

Q: Do fish have a heart?
A: Yes

Q: Why do dragonflies touch water surfaces?
A: To lay eggs

Q: When are maritime mirages usually experienced?
A: Summertime

Q: What causes tidal phenomena?
A: Gravity

Q: What is the role of ozone in the atmosphere?
A: Absorb UV rays

Q: What is the usual cause of death in fires?
A: Suffocation

Q: How do you find water sources in the wild?
A: Track animals

Q: What can you use as a guide on a clear night?:
A: North Star

Q: How should you manage a cut in the wild?
A: Wash with water

Q: How should you drink water in the wild if you're thirsty?
A: Small sips

Q: How can you reduce swelling of a twisted ankle in the wild?
A: Cold water

Q: When traversing through woods, what shoes should you wear?
A: Durable sneakers

Q: What is the most common type of microorganism in dirt?
A: Bacteria

Q: How can you remove the smell of fish from your hands?
A: Toothpaste

Q: How do humans primarily remove excess heat?
A: Sweat

Q: What can you use as a makeshift fishhook?
A: Needle

Q: What should you drink to prevent heatstroke after sweating a lot in the summer?
A: Salted water 

Q: Where are the “ears” of crickets located on their body?
A: On the legs

Q: Which is lighter: one kg of iron or one kg of cotton?
A: The same

Q: Cacti use which of their parts for photosynthesis?
A: Stem

Q: Which plants store water in their fruits and stems?
A: Palms and cacti

Q: If you eat something that can cause food poisoning, what should you do?
A: Vomit

Q: What should you do if you find a wild mushroom?
A: Ignore it

Q: What should you do when encountering a hornet's nest?
A: Avoid it

Q: Which food should you avoid when sick?
A: Fish

Q: What is the largest mammal on Earth?
A: Blue whale

Q: What condition is caused by a vitamin A deficiency?
A: Night blindness

Q: What can you eat to increase your iron intake?
A: Liver

Q: What do you hear when holding a seashell to your ear?
A: Blood flow

Q: If there are many mosquitoes what should you wear?
A: Long sleeves

Thanks to iRmo, einxxx, Lys, Red Felix, AliceKim, Raize Kira, Samerz, MadaMadaDane, Amogus, ans nurm, Eiko Ichinomiya, Alina DianKana, my_opinion, Nataliexy, Amr_Online for their contributions to this Trials of Themis wiki.

In case you discover different questions and are certain of the right answer, please leave them in the comments. We'll add them to the list and the Tears of Themis community will surely appreciate the effort in its search for the truth… and romance.

You can learn more about Tears of Themis and download this Otome game by the makers of Genshin Impact from the official website.

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