The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Best Team Guide

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Best Team

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is an acclaimed mobile RPG based on a popular manga and anime. The release in March 2020 is making some waves among fans and players who weren't aware of the franchise. Its mix of role-playing game, cooking simulator, and turn-based CCG results in a captivating experience with wonderful graphics. One of the compelling aspects of the game is the character collecting, and the consensus is that the game is rewarding even for free players, even with the presence of a gacha. While the experience may vary according to one's playstyle and preferences, here is our suggestion for The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross best team – feel free to make any adjustments that you deem suitable.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Best Team Guide and Tips

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Best Team Merlin

Before revealing our suggestions, we'll leave you with a few tips that may be common sense, but it's always worth remembering. First of all, try to do every daily task and side mission, including tending to your tavern and increasing friendship with villages – every material and gold that you earn is important to level up your heroes.

Enhance and evolve the best characters in your team as often as you can. It will be easy to get Meliodas up to a very respectable SSR, and try to do the same for other important heroes. Equip your team with the best gear available and evolve it, taking advantage of the free daily equipment and hero draws. Upgrade your ultimate move and leave no achievement unclaimed. The first five chapters should pose no trouble if you take your time to level up the most important heroes.

Furthermore, you can't stick to a team of three or four heroes, because some story missions have restricted or required characters. Meliodas goes without saying, but don't forget to enhance other main heroes such as Ban, King, Elizabeth, and others that may be called into action.

To start the game, you should get an SSR character in your first 10 hero draw. If you don't, a The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross reroll is in order, so you should do it until you have at least one strong hero. Since this is a game with many beautiful cutscenes, skip them if you're going for a reroll – this happens very early on, so it won't be much of a bother. Go to the settings menu, player info, and hit that reset data button for a fresh reroll.

Oh, and complete the missions in Hero's Way. Really, don't ignore this quest, because it gives you many rewards and the final prize is an SSR pull. If you don't know how to do a skill lock, give that link a read.

This should cover the basics for a good start, but don't forget to check our The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list for further help. Moving on, here are some recommended teams.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Best Team

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Best Team Starters

Either by luck or rerolls, you've managed to get an SSR character to join your main heroes Meliodas and Elizabeth and Hawk. Use them to progress through the first chapters – it shouldn't be much trouble if you enhance them and don't forget about equipment as well. During combat, do your best to fuse cards so that you use the most powerful skills.

Meliodas has a very interesting counter attack, while Elizabeth and Hawk can deal some all-around damage to an individual unit or use an AoE attack. My other character is King, coming with a decent spike and ruin damage, along with a strong ultimate shatter in the form of a sunflower.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Best Team Chapter 5

A few chapters and evolutions later, you can get a full SSR team, with UR being your next goal. Diane has joined the story and the team, and I'm very fond of her attacks in Mercenary phase, not to mention her looks and size. Meliodas remains a favorite as Master Meliodas, and speed Holy Knight Gowther supports the team with debuffs. You may want to switch one of these for Ban, possibly Diane, but that's not something mandatory. Don't forget to add support characters to add association stats to each hero.

Sticking with these characters should take you far in the main campaign and Hero's Way. Remember to complete the side quests to keep your heroes up to date, and be aware that future changes to the game may introduce new, stronger heroes that make for a better team than what you can make by the time of global launch. We'll try to keep you updated on the The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross best team suggestions as much as we can, and have fun.

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