Throne and Liberty Release Date and Platforms

Throne and Liberty Release Date

Throne and Liberty is NCSoft's next attempt at a huge multi-platform MMORPG, a a free-to-play open world adventure that features PvE and PvP in battlefields affected by time of day and weather. Although Throne and Liberty has already released in Korea on December 7, 2023, western players are still waiting for their chance to try this ambitious game thanks to Amazon Games, the publisher who is also responsible for Lost Ark and the upcoming anime MMORPG Blue Protocol. So what is the Throne and Liberty release date for Europe and North America?

When is Throne and Liberty Releasing in the West?

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Throne and Liberty, sometimes stylized as T&L, has seen a few changes since the beta build, one of them being the removal of autoplay systems for some actions and allowing characters to attack while moving. Naturally, those changes should also make it into the western release, which already has a Steam page for the game.

The Throne and Liberty release date for the west is currently set for 2024. There may be another beta running before launch, to polish the game and judge player anticipation, preparing the game for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC release.

Throne and Liberty Classes and Gameplay

In case you're wondering how the Throne and Liberty gameplay looks like beyond the official trailers, a quick look around YouTube should give you plenty of footage from the Korean release, providing a good idea on how the game plays. It's a third-person medieval fantasy MMORPG that looks like a few others, but hopefully it will offer a vast pool of options regarding class paths and content that can only be played during a certain period, given that weather and time are said to have an important role in the game.

There are no specific classes to choose from in Throne and Liberty, with the equipped weapon types determining what your character is capable of doing in battle. Greatswords, crossbows, staffs, and the like will change your approach to combat, with a couple of weapon sets to equip and switch, and so will weather, for example as archers need to take wind speed and direction into consideration while aiming.

With many main story quests, daily quests, PvE dungeons, world bosses, guilds, and more, Throne and Liberty should have plenty of content for you to go through, both alone and with friends.

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