Tower of Fantasy Anecdotes Explained | What Are Anecdotes?

Tower of Fantasy Anecdotes

Being a fully-fledged MMORPG, Tower of Fantasy offers a host of activities that will entertain you beyond the main campaign. One of these is called Anecdote, a word that has a meaning beyond what it should imply. We've seen it in other MMOs such as Dragon Raja and Mir4, offering new and challenging quests where not everything is laid out in front of you. In the case of Tower of Fantasy anecdotes, you have to perform tasks that aren't exactly the most expected from the up-and-coming hero that you are. So, what must you do during Tower of Fantasy anecdotes? Read on.

What Are Tower of Fantasy Anecdotes?

Tower of Fantasy Travel Log anecdotes

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Tower of Fantasy anecdotes will have you searching for scenic locations in the vast open world map. This feature's screen is called Travel Log and shows you some picturesque locations, normally viewed from a bird's eye point of view. It's your task to explore the map and discover where these postcards, so to speak, were taken from. These areas aren't always easy to find, because you may feel lost while trying to find the right spot and direction in order to replicate the angle of the original image.

This means that you'll only find each location after having explored the world for a decent amount of time, learning the locations and discovering important landmarks, because that's what you'll be looking out for. Besides, it's important to notice that you'll only be able to unlock the anecdote when  you can interact with the eye icon, meaning that you have found the location and adjusted the camera angle correctly.

To sum it up, it's important to look for these locations a.k.a. anecdotes from an elevated point of view, as they are mostly panoramic vistas and you probably won't be able to find them by running on low ground.

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