Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map Guide | Resources Locations and More

Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map Guide

Tower of Fantasy is finally available in China and many players are flocking into this Genshin Impact MMORPG, as it is dearly called by some fans. The latest title from Perfect World Games doesn't shy when it comes to taking inspiration from miHoYo's blockbuster, but the massively multiplayer spin is more than enough to make it feel like a different game. This means a big open world, various biomes to explore, character customization but also a gacha with predefined characters, and a lot more. Such a game needs a detailed map to find the resources and bosses that you are looking for, and this is where the Tower of Fantasy interactive map comes in.

Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map and Resources Guide

Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map and Resource Guide

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The world of Tower of Fantasy is divided into various regions. You must take into account that everything in this Tower of Fantasy world map is based on the China release, which means that the global version – which isn't yet announced but is extremely likely to happen – may come with different region names. Still, these are a good indication of what to expect when the Tower of Fantasy English release happens.

This map is recommended to find the location of everything that you need in Tower of Fantasy, from world bosses to resources of various types, including ore and ingredients. There are anecdotes as well in the shape of scenic locations that you must find and interact with, as if taking a picture of the breathtaking vistas.

At this time there are a few things that we don't entirely know what are for, but we'll see when the Tower of Fantasy global version launch arrives, hopefully during 2022.

Even if you're not playing Tower of Fantasy China and just waiting for it to release in the west, it's worth taking a look at the Tower of Fantasy interactive world map to get a feel for the shape of the land.

You can access the full size map here – Credits:

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