Tower of Fantasy Navia Truck 2 Door Password Guide

Tower of Fantasy Navia Truck 2 Door Password Guide

Welcome to another Tower of Fantasy door code reveal. This is the second truck with an electronic lock in the region of Navia and we're going to show you where it is and how you can unlock the door to get inside. For lack of a better word, we're going to call this truck two, hence this being the Tower of Fantasy Navia truck 2 door password guide. Makes sense, don't you think?

What is the Tower of Fantasy Navia Truck 2 Door Code?

Tower of Fantasy Navia Truck Door Password

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This specific truck can be found a little to the south of the center in Navia, not far from a couple of training facilities and a teleport. The approximate coordinates should help you, they are (-541.6, -434.0).

On top of the truck you can find a password memory box that should give you a clue for this electronic lock. While you aren't going to need it because we're going to give you the code, it's always interesting to see what kind of clue we have in store for us:

“The first, second, and fourth digits are all the same; the third digit is 0.”

Without further ado, the Tower of Fantasy Navia truck 2 door password is 2202. Make sure that you deal with any enemy in the vicinity before trying to enter the code, because you are likely to be attacked when you are looking at the big keypad.

The Type I Supply Pod inside will reward you with the following: Navia Exploration Points x10, Gold x180, EXP x3,407, Dark Crystal x20, Black Nucleus x1.

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