Tower of Fantasy PvP Mode | Can you Fight Other Players?

Tower of Fantasy PvP Mode

It's still early days for Tower of Fantasy, but already there are many questions surrounding this online RPG from Hotta Studio and Perfect World. One of them concerns the PvP mode, something that many players take for granted nowadays, but Genshin Impact proved that it isn't a crucial feature for a quality game. With its action combat system and characters that aren't locked into a specific class, there's potential for pitting players against one another, but is there a Tower of Fantasy PvP mode at all?

Can You Engage in Tower of Fantasy Player Versus Player Battles?

Tower of Fantasy PvP mode

Tower of Fantasy PvP battles are real, according to official info and gameplay bits from at least one of the trailers. A PvP arena doesn't seem necessary – apparently, you can engage in player versus player combat in any part of the open world, simply by agreeing to start a duel with someone.

Buried within tons of Tower of Fantasy lore and other details, we managed to discover the following statement, directly translated from the original Chinese:

“In addition to combat skills, the game's combat modes are also diverse. There are PvP battles between characters and multiplayer online battles against powerful enemies.”

So, this means that a Tower of Fantasy PvP mode is going to be a part of this MMORPG, as well as muiltiplayer online battles, which we can translate into cooperative gameplay. The official trailer below shows you a few one-on-one PvP battles starting at 1:40, with boundaries preventing players from escaping the virtual arena.

Also interesting is the fact that at 1:38 you can spot a flag on the right side of the screen, possibly hinting at some sort of capture the flag mode. Seeing that Hotta Studio did mention “diverse combat modes,” this could be an indication that there are other types of PvP modes to try. This is just speculation for now, so we'll have to wait for official confirmation.

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