Tower of Fantasy The Lumina Door Code Guide | Crown Mines Password

Tower of Fantasy The Lumina Door Code Guide

Planet Aida in Tower of Fantasy harbors many vast and different regions, with quite a few impressive sights. Once you explore the Crown Mines region, it's impossible to avoid dropping your jaw to the floor when you first spot The Lumina, this massive stranded cargo ship with many corners to explore – one of the main storyline quests will even see you exploring its interior. But there are many buildings around The Lumina, a few of them with energy locks. You probably have wondered about the Tower of Fantasy The Lumina door code, and we're here to answer.

What is the Tower of Fantasy The Lumina Door Code?

Tower of Fantasy The Lumina Door Code

Tower of Fantasy The Lumina Door Code

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Keep in mind that this is but one of the various door codes and password devices that are scattered on and around The Lumina. The exact coordinates for this door lock are (777.4, 640.5), you can find it outside of the ship, on top of one of the platforms.

The door code is labeled as DDG. Look around the area and you may find the clues to open the door. and you may find barrier memory boxes with the following clues: DDG1, DDG2, and DDG3. Each number at the end represents the position of a given number.

However, we are going to spare you the effort of searching and analyzing the clues so that you may go directly to the keypad and enter the combination that deactivates the shield. The Tower of Fantasy The Lumina Door Code DDG is 1024.

Go ahead and open the Type II Supply Pod, which contains a x1 Gold Nucleus, Crown Exploration Points x25, Gold x515, EXP x10,416, and Dark Crystal x50. If the shield activates again and locks you inside, open your map and teleport to another Spacerift to exit the place.

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