Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Redeem Codes List

Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Redeem Codes List

The Warhammer 40,000 series is the gift that keeps on giving, with more games based on the Games Workshop franchise than we can really count. One of the latest is Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade, an online strategy MMO for Android and iOS, developed by Orca Games. Placing you in the steel shoes of a Space Marine Force Captain, you must command your troops, recruit new heroes, and defeat the Forces of Chaos. This is quite a daunting task, so thankfully we have a Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Redeem Codes list for you to use and enhance your space marines.

Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Redeem Codes List

Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Redeem Codes

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The first Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade coupon code was released in time for the game's official launch, which took place in January 2021. More redeem codes will surely follow, as a means of appreciation for player support or to celebrate the occasional milestone.

Here is the current list of exchange codes for any Warhammer 40,000 fan to use.


Remember that these are official codes released by the developers, so you are absolutely free to use them. Just do it as fast as you can, because they may be bound to a sometimes unknown expiration date, or they may be limited in redeem uses.

Codes are distributed over the Warhammer 40K: Lost Crusade social media channels, including the Facebook page and Discord. We'll keep an eye out for new codes, but we'll be grateful if you find a new code that we're yet to list and point it out in the comments.

How to Redeem Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Coupon Codes

Claim your codes in no time by following these simple instructions:

  • Enter the game
  • Tap your avatar in the upper left corner
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Redeem Code
  • Type in your coupon code and tap Confirm

You can play Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade by downloading the game for Android or iOS.


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