What is the Eversoul Release Date?

Eversoul Release Date

Eversoul is Kakao Games' new big bet in the hero collector RPG genre. Developed by NineArk after more than three years of hard work, this is a beautiful anime game where you collect Souls and enter in engaging turn-based battles. In the same trend as many other similar games, Eversoul features a roster of dozens of female characters. Some players are asking what is the Eversoul release date, and we are here to answer that question.

When is Eversoul Releasing?

What is the Eversoul Release Date

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The great news is that Eversoul will surely be one of your first big games for 2023. Better still, this is one of the few situations where players in North America and Europe will get to play the game simultaneously with eastern players, namely those in South Korea, where it originates from. It's still a rare enough fact to be highlighted, although there are servers for various regions and you won't be able to play together in a global service.

But now we'll tackle the question that got you here. The global Eversoul release date is January 5, 2023, with the game service starting at 02:00AM UTC. In case you want to get ready for the start time, the Eversoul client will be available to pre-download on January 4. Apart from the pre-registration gifts, the developers are offering 500 Everstones to everyone at the time of launch.

The first Eversoul maintenance is already planned for January 19, adding New Year's events and the first Soul to be added to the roster after launch, Jiho.

In order to get ready for Eversoul, don't forget to check our Eversoul reroll guide and the Eversoul tier list guide. Bookmark FreeMMOStation.com and explore our other Eversoul guides that we will create after the global release.

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