AdventureQuest 3D launches very specifically on October 13

AdventureQuest 3D is in open beta since October 20, 2016 and it will remain in beta for nearly an entire year, as Artix Entertainment has just announced the official launch date, which is spookily accurate for such a distant time: October 13, 2017, Friday the 13th in fact if you're the superstitious type. It's a long way to go but we've seen it before with games such as Battlerite, which announced its official launch about a year earlier.

As for AdventureQuest 3D, there's a lot of work ahead, with the team planning on making the characters as expressive as possible, working on facial expressions and abolish the “current alien-esque female faces”. You can read all the plans of the studio here, and they include a lot of “face”.

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