Battlerite free-to-play launch date announced… don’t hold your breath

Despite its undeniable quality, Battlerite isn't doing so great recently – a declining playerbase is somewhat worrying, although the recent free weekend surely brought in some new players. In Early Access since September, Battlerite is planned to be a free-to-play game at launch, but Stunlock Studios kept the date to itself… until now.

In a new announcement, the studio revealed its plans to turn Battlerite into a game that will keep going for several years but it needs more time for all that work. In the near future, we should see an overhaul of the Ranking System, a new champion and several quality of life updates. Later on players will get an improved quest system, detailed profiles, ranking and season system updates, Odeum improvements and more. In the end, Stunlock is aiming for a Free-To-Play release in late 2017.

Yes, late 2017, about a year from now. If you like Battlerite we definitely recommend you buy early access and support the developers, since waiting for the free-to-play release doesn't look like an appealing prospect.

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