Is Aion 2 under development at NCsoft?

NCsoft, one of Korea's biggest studios and particularly known for its MMORPGs such as Lineage, Guild Wars 2 or Blade & Soul, could be working on a sequel to Aion. According to a report by South Korea's The Fact (thanks 2P), the studio has a secret project in development codenamed “Project A2” and developed by an NCsoft studio called Seed. This Project A2 has passed the planning stage and should be moving into full development.

What makes The Fact point to A2 being Aion 2 is that usually Korean developers – not just NCsoft – codename their games with a “Project X” moniker (Project W is the new game from Bluehole Studio, Project M was Blade & Soul and Project B was Bless Online). However, we know that Nexon's upcoming Unreal Engine 4 MOBA for PC is codenamed Project A1, so that theory is just that, a theory.

Do you think Aion is actually getting, or even deserving of a sequel?


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