Aion 6.0 update Awakened Legacy is coming to North America in October

Aion update Awakened Legacy North America

NCSoft has just announced the release date for the highly anticipated Aion 6.0 update in North America. Titled Awakened Legacy, this update changes the game and is going to launch on October 24. The European version of Aion, published by Gameforge, received this update about a week ago, where it was called A New Dawn.

Starting today, you can sign up to receive a free Awakened Gala gift pack. Aion: Awakened Legacy overhauls several systems in the game and adds new content, while removing some as well to make progression more streamlined. The level cap is raised to level 80, the first time since 2016 that the cap is raised, and the new questing zone Lakrum was added. A new dungeon called Primeth’s Forge is also part of this update, as well as Transformations. For all the details, you can read the official notes and don't forget to watch our review of the update based on our experience with the European version.

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