Aion’s 5.3 update focuses on large-scale content with 384-member instance

Yes, you read it right – the Aion 5.3 update, which is coming soon according to the official announcement, is going to feature a 384-member PVE instance where Archdaevas must defeat Ereshkigal’s invading forces and save their home. The update also brings the Arena of Tenacity, where players from both factions are pitted against each other to reach the top spot, in a single-elimination tournament format.

The new medal rank, Spinel Medals, along with Fragmented Spinel, can be acquired through various PvP activities – PvPvE instances, Arena of Glory, PvP quests, and more. These medals can be used to purchase Archdaeva Abyss equipment from the Hall of Fame/Glory. Then we have Estima, a new item that can be enchanted, and the Atreian Bestiary, an illustrated monster book that you can acquire when defeating monsters in Illuma and Norsvold.

We'll keep checking for a release date, so stay tuned.

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