Akaneiro: Demon Hunters enters open beta

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, the game that doesn’t seem to be quite sure about its business model – should it be free-to-play or buy to play – just entered open beta.

This game is developed by Spicy Horse Games and is based on the Little Red Riding Hood story combined with Japanese folklore and myth, offering a dark fantasy style that seems to blend the universes of Diablo and Okami.

The open beta will include new developments such as advanced character training, weapon improvements, and the still-under-development Shivering Pines, which brings a new environment style to the game along with a new tribe of imps wielding frost magic.

To play, visit the official Akaneiro website at http://www.angry-red.com and click the Open Beta button to sign up. Open Beta will run until January 16th and will consist of various stress tests designed to ensure the servers and infrastructure are ready for the launch of the game.

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