Albion Online gives an insight on map creation

We already know just how ambitious the cross-platform Albion Online is shaping up to be, but we usually know very little about what it takes to make such an in-depth game. Developer Sandbox Interactive has detailed the intricacies of map design here, showing just how the process goes through several stages before the map is approved, including going through painstaking testing.

There are three main goals that the studio has to achieve to release a good map: balancing, entertainment and visuals. A small map can take up to 35 hours for the design team to create, beginning with a rough paper sketch and ultimately turning into a fully realized world in the Albion Online universe. Considering that Albion Online is bound to feature a huge world, the task at hand is far from easy.

Albion Online enters closed beta in November and launches on PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms Q1 2016. Here is one of our latest videos on this sandbox MMORPG.


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