The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta is live with founder’s packs

The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta

Digital Extremes, makers of Warframe, have announced the start of the The Amazing Eternals closed beta. The new first-person shooter is now available to those who already own a key, but also for everyone who wants to purchase a Founder's Pack. How much, we hear you ask? Well, it depends, as contrary to the usual offer of three tiers, Amazing Eternals has five packs on sale.

The Eternal Traveler costs a likable $19.99/€19.99, the Eternal Seeker sells for $49.99/€45.99, the Eternal Adventurer is $99.99/€92.99, and the Eternal Legend will set you back $249.99/€227.99 (ouch!).

But wait, the fifth pack, Immortal, will leave a hole in your wallet: $1000 or €909.99! We love Digital Extremes, but $1000 for 25 beta keys, being part of the design council, a few stamps and badges, and 100,001 tokens… If you love a game that much, then definitely go ahead, but make sure you won't need that money for other things such as, you know, buying food or paying rent.

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