Ambitious MMORPG Project C sells limited $150 packs but remains mysterious

MMORPG Project C

Not much is known about Darewise's ambitious MMORPG Project C. When it was announced a few months ago, it sounded like an interesting prospect, but the details were scarce.

Developer Darewise staff includes former employees from Ubisoft, Valve, Rockstar Games, Guerilla Games, and 2K, and describes Project C as a “persistent open-world multiplayer online game.” It is a sci-fi game, so it's likely that it could turn out to be some sort of mix between Mass Effect and Star Citizen, to name just a couple of highly regarded influences.

Another detail worth noticing is that the original announcement mentioned that players who wanted to join alpha testing would need to complete a survey… and have a live chat with someone from the development team. This sounded pretty much like a job interview, so let's hope that the effort was worth it for those who managed to get into the alpha.

Or you can, you know, just reach deep into your wallet and grab $150 to purchase the Visionary Founders Pack and buy your access into closed alpha 1. This is the only pack currently available out of the three planned and it comes with three extra keys to gift your friends.

Darewise still hasn't confirmed if Project C is going to be a premium game or a free-to-play release. The definitive name of the MMO is yet to be revealed as well.

While selling Founders Packs is standard industry practice, doing so for a game that no one outside of the development team knows how it really looks and plays seems a bit farfetched. There's nothing to sink your teeth into apart from some concept art and a few screenshots that most likely aren't a reliable representation of the game. Not having a single video to show for Project C is weird – well, there is one video, the one running in the background of the official website, but if that is enough to make you fork out $150, feel free to go ahead. 

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