Anime action RPG VGAME looks up to Honkai Impact 3rd for inspiration

Anime action RPG VGAME

Honkai Impact 3rd made quite an impact on mobile, so much that the anime action RPG VGAME is trying to follow in its footsteps. Developer MiHoYo is still reaping the rewards of that successful mobile release, and is currently developing the ambitious open world anime RPG Genshin Impact.

As for VGAME, it comes from Chinese outfit Vaneplus Studio, being its first game. Players will enter a universe with a real world and a parallel world, with each playable character having two different personalities (via MMOCulture). In case you are wondering if VGAME only includes female characters as it happens in Honkai Impact 3rd, we've spotted at least one male fighter – however, the ratio seems to be crushingly favorable to female characters.

The gameplay looks stylish and fun, and there appears to be an open world to explore. The size of it remains under question, but I'm guessing that it is probably more of a small hub than a sprawling area. At least, it is extremely pretty, which is a plus.

Combat is fast and apparently weighty, and there's even a character-swapping system, another feature that was present in Honkai Impact 3rd. There are definitely many similarities between both games, but VGAME looks fun and capable of standing on its own.

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