Anime game Shooting Girl is launching in English

DMM, the publisher of Kantai Collection, also known as KanColle, is partnering with Nutaku to bring the new sci-fi RPG Shooting Girl to the English market in March. This is a free-to-play anime turn-based strategy game that takes place in an alternate Tokyo and the highlight is the cast of girls with guns (or Gungirls) that you get to recruit and use in battle. There are over 70 distinct characters with unique artwork and stats divided across seven classes, and while you don't have direct influence over the turn-based combat, you can pick formations and make the most of your team's abilities.

The story is clearly aimed at sexy anime girls fans as it tells us about an enemy called the Unknown that has wiped out Tokyo and the only ones left to fight back are these armed school girls. Sounds just like real life, right? Nutaku is known for its mature games, so Shooting Girl and the previous Kanpani Girls are actually very soft by their books.

Anyway, besides the campaign mode there is the mandatory PvP. We should know more about Shooting Girl in a few weeks but here's a video from the original Japanese version so that you know what to expect.


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