ArcheAge gets Thunderwing Cometh update, includes world boss and underwear

A new update called Thunderwing Cometh is now live for ArcheAge for a few days. The highlight of this update is the new world boss, the Thunderwing Titan, a flying beast that is located in the new Auroria region, Reedwind. To call the beast your faction has to construct magical towers used to head into ArcheAge’s tallest zone and then make use of special magical wings to fly for the first time in ArcheAge, and chase the Titan across the horizon. He's a sneaky one too – he only appears for 2 hours after the call has been made and can’t be summoned again for a 48 hour period.

The update then drastically changes its focus by providing a collection of new underwear as well as a bunch of stats that put underwear back into the spotlight. Nothing like taking care of your undies between a couple of fights, right?

Finally, players get two new events: ArcheDelivery and Guild Unity.

You can read about all the patch notes here.

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