ArcheAge Unchained revealed by Gamigo as a buy-to-play version

Archeage Unchained revealed

After about a week of teasing, Gamigo has revealed ArcheAge Unchained. This is an exclusively buy-to-play version of the sandbox MMORPG, where players have access to the whole of the ArcheAge universe with one single purchase. There is no monthly subscription as well.

Items that are available for purchase in the F2P version of ArcheAge – which will keep running – can be earned by all players in ArcheAge Unchained. All players will now have equal chances on crafting the powerful weapons and armor that may give them the upper hand in PvP combat.

ArcheAge Unchained will be released this fall and the big question is how players will respond to the game. Are F2P ArcheAge players willing to purchase the game and start fresh, considering that there is no option to transfer characters from one game to the other?

While some players seem excited about the “one-time purchase” bit and Apex not existing in ArcheAge Unchained, others seem less enthused, raising some suspicions over the promises of “no pay-to-win.” We shall see how it turns out in a few months, but in the meantime you can check the FAQ for more information.


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